Psypheric & Optical Report – Astral [ Ovnimoon Records]

Ovnimoon Records presents the newest cd for 2016 with Astral, a full-length joint artist album from the two projects Psypheric & Optical Report, both which reside in the mind of one single multi-layered, multi-style virtuoso musician from Ukraine named R. Kristinsson.

Astral contains nine exquisitely smelted modern and instant classic sounding compositions of low 130bpm’s space progressive, which will surly stand out in the genre. By combining the efforts of the two projects, Runar would like to add colors, shades and sounds of each project in a single audio stream. Soft club progressive sound by Optical Report and more aggressive and deep sound of psy trance project Psypheric creating a result of peculiar and unusual soundscapes. With a mixture of science fiction, mythology, mysticism and rocking dance music drive, there is no doubt this will find many listeners hitting repeat in order to catch all of its beauty. Needing little introductions Runar brings forth a great joining of his inner ideas with this perfect melding of the two aliases. Each project has had full-length albums of their own on Ovnimoon and Goa Records. Runar Kristinsson began to produce his various music projects in 2006, now he works under four project titles. The main project being called Unusual Cosmic Process is focused on mystical down tempo chill out music and progressive goatrance, with Psypheric he carries on to more dark industrial tech trance with deep psychedelic mystery and scifi themes, with Optical Report gives a taste of a more commercial, smooth, fun, funk minded and chunky grooved style of progressive psytrance, with Phantom Sentinel slows things down and reaches deeper into techno house worlds plus a more spacy atmosphere and as Pantograph we hear and even more chill tempo but still psy influenced house vibe. In 2000 he started to work as a DJ in the Night Club “JOS” in Mykolaiv city under a nickname Armando Valencia, but soon he realized that composing music brings him more pleasure that just being a DJ so he decided to change his previous nickname To R. Kristinsson but his real name is Armen Akopov. In childhood he was fan of Depeche Mode, and this fact impressed and inspired him to begin producing electronic music which continues to this day and beyond with one amazing release after another.

Release date: 20 February 2016

Released by: Ovnimoon Records

Purchase: Psyshop



01. Psypheric & Optical Report – Dread
02. Psypheric & Optical Report – Impulse
03. Psypheric & Optical Report- Quantum Transition
04. Psypheric & Optical Report – Wormhole
05. Psypheric & Optical Report – Hidden Portals
06. Psypheric & Optical Report – Gates of Infinity
07. Psypheric & Optical Report – Uroboros
08. Psypheric & Optical Report – Swinging Doors
09. Psypheric & Optical Report – Richat Structure


For more information, visit:

Ovnimoon Records: Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Geomagnetic: Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud You Tube


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