Lightning Vs Waveband Pres. Trance Delight 039



01. Ambersonic “Centaurus A” [Eclipse Records]

02. Arhetip & Nerso “Nada Brahma” [TesseracTstudio]

03. Giuseppe Ottaviani “Crossing Lights” [Subculture]

04. TrancEye “Two Different Worlds” (Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff Remix)[ReDux Recordings]

05. Cenk Basaran “Daywalker” [Discover Records]

06. Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn “Ashes” (Cold Rush Remix)[How Trance Works]

07. Pearson & Hirst “Your Embrace” (Mike Sanders Remix)[Digital Society]

08. Niko Zografos “Revelation” [Future Sound Of Egypt]

09. Jordan Suckley “Who Cares” (Lostly Remix)[Damaged]

10. Omega Drive “Trip To Argentina” [Discover Dark]

11. Obi “Psychosis” [Discover Dark]

12. Roman Messer Feat Sarah Shields “A Light Inside” (ReOrder Dub Mix)[Suanda]

13. Amitacek “Insomnia” (John Sunlight Presents F.G. Noise & Tim Lighterz Remix)[Tranceform]

14. 2nd Phase “Speaker Syndrome” [Mental Asylum]

15. Mike Squillo “Thanos” [Discover Dark]

16. Bryan Kearney “Mexican Rave” (Shugz Remix)[Kearnage]

17. Lee Osborne Feat Roxanne Emery “Safe In The Sky” (Cold Rush Remix)[Monster Pure]

18. Basic Dawn “Pure Trust” (RageVision Remix)

19. XGenic “Dark Soul” [Operator]

20. Bloodhound Gang “Dimes” (Sean Tyas Remix)[Jimmy Franks Recording Company]

21. Billy Rutts “Alpha Male” [Extrema Global Music]

22. First Sight & Ben Stone “Captcha” [Monster Force]

23. James Poulton “Anodyne” (Amir Hussain Remix)[Monster Pure]

24. G8 “Sky Is The Limit” [Liquid Energy Digital]

25. Solarstone “Nothing But Chemistry Here” (Sean Tyas Remix)[Black Hole]

26. Diego Morrill and Neos “Chupacabras” [Full On 140]

27. 2nd Phase “The Capital” [Create Music]

28. The Noble Six “Undimmed” (Alex Di Stefano Remix)[Subculture]

29. Rage Vision “The Harbour” (Dreamy Remix)[Ghost Tunes]

30. Unbeat and Jaccob “Eridanus” [Aria Knights]

31. John Askew “Shine” (Sean Tyas Remix)[WAO138?!]

32. Marco V “Unprepared” (Ahmed Romel Remix)

33. Dave Cold “F##K Like A Slut” [DMax Dark]

34. Future Antics “Reflections” [Blue Soho]

35. Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami “Avianna” [Always Alive]

36. Alan Morris “Born” [Monster Pure]

37. Eddie Bitar “Panaroma” [In Trance We Trust]

38. Liquid Soul & Zyce Feat Solar Kid “Anjuna” (Jordan Suckley Remix)[Damaged]

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