Martyr Presents Dark Energy 009



01. Paul Van Dyk “Crush” (Adam Ellis Intro Mix)[CD-R]

02. TMA “U Murder The Bass” (Dean Rigbey MashUp)[CD-R]

03. Nick Callaghan & Sneijder “Collision Course” [Kearnage]

04. Lostly “Coffin Corner” [Outburst]

05. Sam Jones & Will Rees “Fire Drill” [Damaged]

06. Liquid Soul & Zyce Feat Solar Kid “Anjuna” [Jordan Suckley Remix][Damaged]

07. ReDrive & Malc B “Incipient” [ReDrive]

08. Lostly “Dance With The Devil” [Outburst]

09. Activa “Magnetic Point” (James Dymond Remix)[Monster]

10. Jonathan Caravajal “Spring Break” (Indecent Noise Remix)[Mental Asylum]

11. MIKE & Fred Baker Presents Active Sight “Never Ending” (Bryan Kearney Remix)[Kearnage]

12. Aizen “As We Are” [Aria Knights]

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