Bursting Out Vol.5 [Outburst Records]

The ‘Bursting Out’ series of EP’s is dedicated to pushing new music from breakthrough producers and the 5th volume is finally here! In this edition we have 4 cutting-edge tracks from relative newcomers of the trance scene, Airborn, Allan Morrow, Jase Thirlwall and Laura May. Airborn delivers an epic sun-scorched sounding track ‘AirDrenaline’ with a monstrous lead riff that will leave you gasping for air! ‘Lost the Plot’ from Allan Morrow is a sinister sounding tech-trancer that is guaranteed to kick you where it hurts and leave you with just enough memory to realise what’s just happened! Jase Thirwall delivers track #3 on the EP with the ever-twisting and menacing ‘Transformer’! A blinding tech journey through the realms of progressive, with a nod towards Cirez D’s ‘Teaser’ before moving forwards. Our first female solo artist to join Outburst is Laura May. Laura delivers some of her finest work in ‘Dream Sequence’, with it’s old school and uplifting (yet melancholic) trance lead, trippy vocals and tech-trance drop. Do not miss this EP!


Release date: 14.03.2016

Released by: Outburst Records



For more information, visit:

Outburst Records: Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Google+


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