GTF Interview With Carina

We are extremely happy to welcome one of the brightest talents in the music industry Carina from Bergen, Norway!
We got a chance to catch up with her on her busy life, see what she has been up to and talk about her first release “Freedom” on Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s Universal Nation label. Take a chance to read up on a lot of interesting things she shared with us.


Hello Carina. So nice to have you on GTF. Since this is the first time we talk, would be nice to start off with your background 🙂 How long have you been into the production side of trance, what got you started in the music industry?

Hi guys, and thanks for having me 🙂

The producing side of Trance I have only been on for just a couple of years, I would like to say that I’m still in the learning process and and I’m very sure that as the time goes by I will learn more and my style and sound will change a lot.Being in the music industry has not been a choice but a way of being me. Yes I know, I am new to the scene for many but in Norway I have been on and off for some years. I’ve already started DJing at the age of 13 and playing vinyls at events in the early 2000 and also releasing a compilation for DJ Beat Recordings under another alias back in 2003. So what got me started into DJing was not really the choice of wanting to be a DJ but a personal mission. I really couldn’t stand the RnB music that the guys were playing at the youth club so I had to stand up and take control to play the music I wanted to hear, haha! After that everything has had its own natural way of coming together and making me find a way in this scene 🙂

What’s it like being an up & coming female DJ/Producer in the Trance scene, what are the challenges / benefits?

So far it’s nice and fun, music is my passion and what I love, so I really appreciate to get some recognition for what I’m doing. But with this said, I think my biggest challenge is on a personal level, to believe in myself and daring to put myself out there. Being a girl I don’t think has too much to say, we still need to work hard and to prove ourselves the same way as the guys…and even more!




2015 was quite an important year for you. You became one of the residents of HeavensGate and started your own podcast VOLume. How was that experience for you? What made you decide to make your own show and what are you most focused on when selecting the tracks?

Yes! 2015 was a very important year to me. I´m so honoured to be a part of HeavensGate and to join this great team of  DJs and producers. Getting the trust and to be able to work on a more professional level and getting the confidence to grow as an artist with them. I do feel the responsibility and joy with it all. The greatest benefit is that we are one family. The support and the guidance means a lot to me. It’s about not being alone and having others to trust and support and to learn from is something I greatly appreciate.
Starting my show VOLume was a natural way of growing to me. I did have another show named Tech2Trance before, this show covered mostly all styles inside the genre of Trance, but with VOLume I want to set my sound more straight to who I am, what I want and where I wanna go.

I am very picky when it comes to track selections. I can often go weeks before a set to think about what sound and groove I want, if I hear one great track I can build my whole set around it just to create a nice journey to it, haha! But my main priority is the bassline, the kicks and the sound quality. Yes I do love the good and emotional melodies, but what is a beautiful tune if you can’t shake your ass off to it? Haha! I’m an old clubber. I guess sometimes I think too much about “how would this track work in an underground club where the sweat is dripping from the roof” or “would this track keep the people going, will they dance?”. It’s not always about that big bang, I also love to make people appreciate the small details of a track or a set.


Check out VOLume


You’ve just released your new track called “Freedom” on the brand new label by Alex M.O.R.P.H., Universal Nation. Of what importance is that for your career? Tell us about the experience working on this track and what was your inspiration to make it?

Oh gosh yes!! This is another big step for me. To be signed to Universal Nation means everything to me, getting the trust and support from a legend like Alex… I could not ask for more! Making this tune was a bit of an adventure, producing a track can be very tricky and complex. I did a lot of experiments as I have a lot of inspiration that all can’t fit in one track. But “Freedom” is my first release and I got a lot of ideas out of it for my next tunes 🙂


I think my biggest challenge is on a personal level, to believe in myself and daring to put myself out there. Being a girl I don’t think has too much to say, we still need to work hard and to prove ourselves the same way as the guys…and even more!


Check out the preview of “Freedom”


Speaking of your career, whom do you hope to work with on a collaboration and why?

There are so many artists I respect and admire and would love to work with. I would really love to do a collab with up and coming Psy duo TRISTATE. I’ve been digging their sound for a while and I believe these guys have a lot to bring to the table. A dream would also be John 00 Fleming, I admire his work and sound, the artists and the music he releases on his label are massive too! And of course another one that is worth to mention is the boss Alex M.O.R.P.H., I would love to do a collab with him. His mind is not just wrapped up to one typical sound, I love the variety he brings to it masterpiece after masterpiece with always having a perfect sound quality to it.


It’s about not being alone and having others to trust and support and to learn from is something I greatly appreciate.


What can we expect from you this year?

This year you can expect more tracks with different sounds and styles. As I said earlier I’m still in the learning process of producing so I want to keep learning and create many more sounds. My ideas are endless. How I will wrap it all together will be a surprise to me and you, haha…there is already some plans and ideas in the making 😉

Do you prefer more producing or DJ-ing? What works better for you?

I do like the producing side, creating and having the ideas and having fun in the studio, but I’m more of an energy bunny that struggle with being patient, so I would say that DJing and being with the people gives me more energy. Both has its pleasures in different ways.

What is your favourite Trance track of all time?

Aaaahhh this is a very hard question because there is so many. But I am an Airwave girl, many memories and loving feelings to this one. So I go for “Rank 1 – Airwave”.

What do you do other than music?

I’m a lucky mum of two wonderful boys and I work in a day care. My days are pretty nice and busy. And I love movies and TV shows 🙂

If you were the only person in the world that could change the music, what would you change the most?

I would not change the music. Even the music I don’t like I would still keep around, but let’s say, I would change the balance of marketing, haha…I’d definitely bring up the Trance and Psy Trance scene and make it more available to others that don’t know about it. Take away all the prejustices and show the world how great the Trance Family really is :))

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Hahaha good question. Being fit and healthy. haha .. Pfff I don’t know, I will still be here for sure and doing my music. This I know for sure 🙂

Do you have any current touring plans for early spring? Where can the fans find you?

Yes we are in the making of planing a tour now. Hopefully soon i can let people know where and what will happen. CARINA 2Stay up to date by following me on Facebook and/or Twitter (both @DJCarinaMusic)

What advice can you give to up and coming artists in the Trance scene?

I’m the one who needs advice, haha! Well, I think the biggest advice I can give is to be nice and show respect to other artists in the scene. Even support those that don’t have a big name, like and support the scene. Rock on, be you, be real, be humble and thankful. Connect and help others if you can, and it will come back to you one day 🙂

Many thanks to Carina for replying to this interview! We wish you a successful year and hope to catch up with you again!


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