Trance On Fire 206 With Seven Ways Guest Mix


Gate Of Paradise

1. Ultimate – Amulet [Infrasonic Pure]
2. Emanuele Congeddu – Lovers [Monster Force]
3. Ahmed Romel & Amir Hussain – Serenità [Blue Soho] **Tune of the week**
4. Aldo Henrycho – Elaine (Original Mix) [Beyond The stars]
5. Andres Sanchez & Duncan Newell Pres. The Three Amigos – Engage [Blue Soho]
6. ARDI & Allam – Braveheart (Original Mix) [Promind]
7. Etasonic Vs. Andre H – Underwater City (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars]
9. Davey Asprey – Netersphere (Adam Ellis Remix) [Kearnage]
8. FG Noise & TrancEye – The Mist [Redux]
10. Beatsole – Melt The Ice (Original Mix) [Magic Trance]
11. Robbie Van Doe – Insider (Original Mix)[Extrema Global]

Seven Ways guest mix

1. John 00 Fleming – The Lone Ranger
2. Seven Ways – Gravitational Drums
3. Seven Ways, Planet Disconnect – Kepler (Magnus Remix)
4. Middle Mode – Lift Up
5. Middle Mode, Relativ – Killer Instinct
6. Sean Tyas – Hive A
7. Sonic Species, Symbolic – Alma Libre
8. Tasso – Airstrikes
9. Xerox, Passenger – Science Is God (Outsiders Vs Xerox Remix)
10. Sonic Species – Dawn Till Dusk (Middle Mode Remix)
11. Burn in Noise – Guardians Of the Sky (Imaginarium Remix)
12. Hypnocoustics – Fourth Quadrant
13. Vivid Loop – Austlaliat
13. UP3 – Balrog (Spencer Hardwick’s Techlifting Remix)
14. Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Ananda Shake Remix)



For more information, visit:

Gate Of Paradise: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

Seven Ways: Website  Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Mixcloud


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