Martyr Presents Dark Matter 048



01. Satinka “Kweo Kachina” [J00F Recordings]

02. Reverse “Dark Silence” [Iono Music]

03. Vertical Mode “Lucky Number” (Symbolic Remix)[Tech Safari Recordings]

04. Sideform “The Truth” [Iboga Recordings]

05. Starlab (IN) “Tokyo Teleport” [Digital OM Productions]

06. Symbolic “Insidious” [Nano Recordings]

07. Invisible Reality “Inner Self” [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

08. Vini Vici “Veni Vedi Vici” (Future Frequency Remix)[Iboga Recordings]

09. Satinka “Beyond The Horizon” [J00F Mantra]

10. Alex Morph & Liquid Soul “The Journey” [Universal Nation]

11. Protonica “Reactor” [Iono Music]

12. Own Trip “Analogue Noise” [Headroom]

13. Egorythmia & Yestermorrow “Midnight Ritual” [Iono Music]

14. ReDrive & Krypton8 “Why We Do It” [ReDrive]

15. Nick Callaghan & Second Sine “Make Me Human” [Monster]

16. TMA “Get Exact Blackout” (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up)[Discover Dark]

17. Changes “Catterpillar” [Solid Black Recordings]

18. Matt Skyer “Throwing Swords” [Discover Dark]

19. TMA “Big Decipher” (Unbeat Mash-Up)[CD-R]

20. Paul Denton “Acid Reign” [Mental Asylum]

21. Oberon “Visions” [Discover Dark]

22. Will Atkinson “Subconscious” [Subculture]

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