Gai Barone – Towards [Afterglow]


Italys Gai Barone is a man whos played electronic musics long game and played it faultlessly. Turning it into something approaching an art form, brick-by-brick, track-by-track, hes built a discography every bit as imaginative, as it is admired. Placing the music ahead of the DJ or the persona, hes bided his album time, waiting for the perfect career point to deliver a comparably matchless first long-player.
On the 29th of Feb, that countdown reaches zero… The virtuoso will pull back the curtain on 12 months of tireless studio work, with 15 tracks that encompass his first album-long body of work.
As it approaches its milestone 100th single release, Germanys Afterglow Records are delighted and proud to bring you this as-eclectic-as-it-is electric debutante. An extraordinary (in the truest sense of the word) outing, it is as far removed from the musically routine as its possible to envision.
Sand-like, it shifts across musical borders, passaging at will between the beat and the beat-free, the cool and the intense, the instrumental and the vocal.lying, as he has, under the populist radar for a half-decade or more, many have tried to put a name to what Gai does. All have failed. So put away your classification books, cast aside those cookie cutters and close that electronic music atlas up tight!

Towards encompasses 15 typically off-piste Barone productions… An electronic music chocolate box, it takes a taxi to the deep side, lighting its genre bonfire on arrival. Aquiline waveforms, dramatic bass drops, siren-song vocal haunt, multi-form instrumentation and limitless imagination:
its all here, constructed, as youve never heard it constructed before.
Thematically its shifts between the polar chill of Mimosa, the bassy, savannah-like warmth of Lilith and the Strippeds equatorial heat. Tonally, from the reclined beachside-day of 2 Sides Of Nowhere & Make It Hurt through to the inky nighttime-black of SixMonths and the frisson uplift of his Love Stimulation revision.
A league-of-it-own album odyssey, and a trip all open-minded music-heads need, nay should take in 2016!

Release date: 29.02.2016

Released by:  Afterglow

Purchase: Beatport 


01. 2 Shades Of Nowhere
02. Bianca
03. Mom’s Clown
04. Stripped
05. Flowers
06. Mimosa
07. Fade 2 Black
08. Scarlett
09. Love Stimulation
10. Six Months
11. Join The Geometry
12. Saurus
13. Lilith My Sicca Drawing
14. Nightingale
15. You Make It Hurt Feat Katty Heath




For more on Gai Barone, visit:

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