Triceradrops – Force Fed Psychedelics EP [Starlight Records]

Psychedelic mastermind Triceradrops returns with an all new EP – featuring two brand new original tracks, and a remix to Klopfgeister’s hit, ‘Ashpipe‘. The EP begins with the self titled, ‘Force Fed Psychedelics’. This track is dirty, driving, and psychedelic to the core – driven by unstoppable bassline grooves, crunchy psychedelic soundscapes, and dark subtle melodies that take the listener deeper into the story-like narrative. Next, ‘Payload’ continues with the dark and haunting storyline – and takes the emotional intensity up a few notches. ‘Payload’ delivers with seductive and engulfing melodies, otherworldly psychedelic textures, and a combination of pumping and driving grooves that are sure to impress any dancefloor. The release finishes off with Triceradrops’ remix to Klopfgeister‘s hit track – and a powerful remix it is! This track completely deconstructed the original, to pull out only the most suitable pieces, and redeveloped it into a moody, ethereal, and dark psychedelic opus that is sure to become an instant classic. The track is driven by unique psychedelic sounds and textures, building into powerful and encompassing melodies, and unstoppable driving and pumping grooves. As a whole, this EP delivers at the utmost levels, and presents something completely unlike anything else in the scene today – a beacon of uniqueness, creativity, and of course cutting edge writing and production! So grab your copy today, and look forward to a LOT more coming soon from Triceradrops!

Release date: 07.03.2016

Released by: 

Purchase: Beatport



1. Triceradrops – Force Fed Psychedelics
2. Triceradrops – Payload
3. Klopfgeister – Ashpipe (Triceradrops Remix)



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