Martyr Presents Dark Energy 012


1. Phanatic & Bizarre Contact- Hypnosis
2. Middle Mode & Djantrix- Kerosene [Digital Om]
3. Materia & Intelligence- Change the World [24/7 Records]
4. Reversed Logic- Hypnotic World [Digital Om]
5. Middle Mode & Djantrix- Elwynn Forest [Transcape Records]
6. Imaginarium- Never Ever Land [Digital Om]
7. Laughing Buddha- Shiva Sunrise [24/7 Records]
8. Brainiac- Dream Sequence [24/7 Records]
9. Makida- Timeline [Transcape Records]
10. Tristan & Astrix- Awake the Snake [HOMmega Productions]
11. Anatomic- Change Your Mind [Solar Tech Records]
12. Kundalini- TranscenDance [Ovnimoon Records]



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