Team 140 Presents The Trance Empire 211


1. Amir Hussain – Time Lapse [WAO138?!]
2. Paul Denton – Searching The Sky [Subculture]
3. Ryan K – Gang Tactics [Critical State]

The Trance Empire Track Of The Week
4. Re:Locate vs. Robert Nickson – Initium (Ferrin & Morris Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]

5. Matt Chowski & Suzy Solar pres. Xenera – 1XE (Dark Extended Mix) [Always Alive]
6. Raphael Mayers & Ragevision – Destinaton [Diverted]
7. Derek Aether – The Alchemist [Extrema]
8. John Askew – Can I Be Frank [FSOE]

The Trance Empire Pole Position Track
9. Will Rees – Interlude [Kearnage]

10. Allen Watts – Meteor [WAO138?!]
11. Sean Mathews – Epiphany [#138]

The Trance Empire Classic Track
12. Matti Laamanen – Flakes [Tsunami]



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