GTF Interview With Unbeat

GTF welcomes young and promising artist Juraj Glonec aka Unbeat from Slovakia. Unbeat is not only a diverse and talented producer who is commitment and versatility is apparent, he is also one of the brightest and technically gifted up and coming Trance dj/producer.

This is Juraj’s first interview so we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂


Hi Juraj. Thank you so much for talking with GTF. First off, for those who are less familiar with your work, could you tell us more about yourself, where do you come from and how you came into producing Trance in particular?

Hi GTF team! Your welcome, it’s pleasure for me! My name is Unbeat, I am 21 years old DJ & Producer from Bratislava, Slovakia.


Well, that’s quite long story. I’ve always liked electronic music, it started with bands like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and so on when I was about 10 years old kid. Since then I just in someway knew that once I want to be like them, create music, perform on big stages. Next big break was in 2008 when I found Trance music. I just felt that yeah, this is my music, this is exactly that! But my career began a years after that, I started producing in 2013 when I finished college. First two years were really hard to me, because I didn’t know anything about music production, I didn’t have any “teacher”. I had to learn all elementary things on my own. And yeah of course I am still learning about production. But finally last few months I had some success and I am so happy for that.

For someone so young and relatively new in the scene, how hard is to prove yourself and build your own career? What are your expectations as a rising star in the Trance scene and are you facing any obstacles so far?

Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s all about hard work and especially endurance. I think everyone can succeed who mean it seriously, trust yourself and try to create something new. The most difficult thing is to be patient because it takes really long time. But that’s how it should be. You just have to trust yourself and work hard. I have such a nice motto for this: “Dream Big, Work Hard”.

My vision and expectations are clear, I believe one day I will be able to work as a DJ and producer fulltime. I certainly know it will take a long time but I will do everything for that. It’s my biggest dream and goal so I’m not going to give up. Regarding obstacles in my life, I have not faced any true obstacles until now but probably those yet to come. Then I’ll be ready for that.

How would you describe your style and sound in general? What kind of emotion do you want to share with the listeners?

First I want to tell you that I don’t like when I am stuck in one style or in one genre/subgenre. I love all styles of electronic music, I love music at all. Yeah, people probably know me because of my Dark and Tech Trance tracks but for example I am trying to produce different genres as well. For example I have a few breakbeats, ambient, chillout also techno. But they are actually hidden in my computer and waiting for their time. 🙂 By my music I’m trying to bring listeners a piece of myself, a piece of my view of the world that I like. Of course we can’t forget that Trance is club music, intended for dancing. However what makes Trance so powerful are emotions and I try to combine these two things together. Epic breakdown and hard beats are the way.


My vision and expectations are clear, I believe one day I will be able to work as a DJ and producer fulltime. I certainly know it will take a long time but I will do everything for that.


You started the year quite impressive. Your track ‘Human Error’ is released on Damaged Records and has received so many positive reactions by both the Trance listeners and many other DJs. How was this experience for you? What it feels like to be part of the Damaged family?

Releasing a track on Damaged Records was my dream. I am so happy for that. I am also happy that Jordan featured Human Error also on Damaged Compilation Red Alert. It was great experience And I also hope that I will release more tracks on Damaged and I’ll be the part of “Damaged family” 🙂


Check out the preview of ‘Human Error’ and make sure to grab your copy from the link bellow 😉



Another massive tracks that gathered such a positive feedback are ‘The Beast’ and ‘Lenore’. Could you tell us more about the process of making them? What was your inspiration and where do you get it from?

Process of making is in every track different. While I worked on The Beast for more than 5 months, for Lenore it took me only 2. The Beast was in someway more experimental track, for example I made more than 12 versions until I was happy with the results. And results of this hard work was great: supported by names like Armin Van Buuren, Jordan Suckley & more. And about inspiration, I probably can’t tell you exactly where my inspirations come from, because every time is different. I have a lot of inspirations from movies and from everyday life.


‘The Beast’ as played by Armin van Burren  on ASOT 747


Which have been your favourite tracks to remix or produce?

There are days when it goes well with the production. For example when I remixed track Anthony S – Relentless, I finished it just in 2 days. It went really well and I was really satisfied with the result. But I also loved to work on tracks which production took a long time, like my track The Beast. I made a lot of different versions of The Beast and I was looking for new ways, styles and so on. And I learned a lot with this.

Your productions have been supported by some major artists. How does one take in this great feeling?

It’s absolutely great to see your name in tracklists of artists you love. You know, that feeling when you worked really hard for many hours, days and months on something in the studio and then you see reactions of your favourite DJs, and of course reactions of people… That feeling is great. And that is something what DJ who has ghost producer can’t feel. It’s just… AMAZING! 🙂


You just have to trust yourself and work hard. I have such a nice motto for this: “Dream Big, Work Hard”.


Do you have an inspiration or is there anyone who influences the music your produce?

I was speaking about my inspirations in question about my tracks Lenore and The Beast, and about influences for my music: It is changing all the time.

And artists who have biggest influence to me? For example from Trance genre it’s Jordan Suckley, John Askew, Paul Van Dyk or Bryan Kearney. Or from the younger guys definitely Sam Jones. But I really like also producers and bands like The Prodigy or Moderat, Jon Hopkins and so on.

What was the first track you ever heard that you fell in love with?

I can’t tell you only one track, but I can definitely tell you which set made me to fall in love with Trance. It was Kyau & Albert live at Trance Energy  2008 and also Ferry Corsten’s set from same event. These 2 sets was the reason why I started listening to trance.

Besides making music, you are as well hosting your monthly Ear­-Gasmic Radio show with Zolike, which features some great mixes and showcasing some of the best artists in the Trance scene. How has that been going on?

Well, first I have to tell you more about Ear-Gasmic brand. Ear-gasmic is Slovakian club trance event founded in 2009, which hosted many international names like Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Mark Sherry, Lange, The Thrillseekers, Paul Webster, Sebastian Brandt, Mr Sam, Greg Downey, Signum, Jordan Suckley, Photographer and many more.


Myself and Zolike are resident DJs of this great event. More than 2 years ago I had an idea to start monthly radioshow under the Ear-Gasmic name, where we can use our contacts of DJs for guestmixes and radioshow where we can also help to promote the event.

Could we expect, maybe, some new projects from you guys in the future?

Well, now we are focusing on the Radioshow and me on my own career, and Zolike is pretty busy with his work. But what we do want is to work on some producer project focusing on dark Psytrance but this is the music of future.

Could you name your top 3 producers at this time that you would gladly work with and why?

Jordan Suckley, Sam Jones & John Askew. And why? Because I love their production, I love their unique styles. Also I would be so happy to work with vocalists like Meredith Call or Audrey Gallagher. But that is now only my big dream… 🙂

If you could retire from the music industry tomorrow, would you? If so, what would you do with your days?

I really hope that I will never retire the music industry. I want to be a professional DJ and producer, it’s my biggest dream and I don’t even want to think about it what could I do. But I’m studying graphic design some maybe that. But I like to do more things around music, for example help promoters with events, or maybe managing DJs… Whatever. I think that I will never retire from everything connected with music industry.

Where can we see you play next? Any confirmed events?

I have only a few confirmed events and only here in Slovakia or Czech Republic. You can _20150304-PCP-JGlonec_Studio-0196-0114A see me at Ear-Gasmic events here in Bratislava or my event called Eight. Also there is one big festival in Bratislava in summer, but I can’t talk about it yet. About some international booking, I’m still waiting for my chance, and I hope this chance will come soon.

What are your plans for 2016?

First I want to finish my school! 😀 Then I want to fully focus on my production. You can wait a new release on Extrema Records and I hope that this year I will release more tracks on Damaged or any other label I love. Also I want to make my first vocal track, and work on some nice collaborations with other great producers out there.

Any last words for our readers, and your fans?

I want to thank to all who are supporting my music and to you for this nice interview. In fact, this is my absolutely first interview, so I hope that i wasn’t that bad 😀 Thank you all and I hope  will see you at some nice events in the future! “Dream Big, Work Hard”



You were great 😉

Thanks a lot for your time Juraj, will be looking forward to new productions from you in the future.


Connect with Unbeat:

Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud


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