Lionel Mato Presents Energetic Sound 035


1. Cosmic Gate – So Get Up (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
2. Bryan Kearney and Will Atkinson – The Game Changer (Original Mix)
3. Nick The Kid and RDK – Light Follows Darkness (Original Mix)
4. Ernesto Vs Bastian Feat Susana – Dark Side Of The Moon (Alex Morph Remix)
5. Matt Eray – Afterglow (Alex Wright’s Dark Mix)
6. Gareth Emery Feat Wayward Daughters – Reckless (Ian Standerwick Remix)
7. Ula – Way Down The Road (Fred Mozz Remix)
8. Ben Gold Feat Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing (Allen Watts Remix)
9. Raphael Mayers and Rage Vision – Destination (Original Mix)
10. Jochen Miller – Lost Connection (Andres Sanchez Uplifting Remix)
11. Ula – Summer Love (Raw & Carpenter Remix)
12. Fergie and Sadrian – Pitch Down (Original Mix)
13. Alex Van Reeve – Pandaria (Robbie Van Doe’s Acid Trip Remix)
14. Bukat – Astral Travel (Original Mix)
15. UCast – Gearbox (Extended Mix)
16. Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones – Hijacker (A.R.D.I Remix)
17. IIya Morozov – Indigo (Original Mix)
18. Accelerator and Johnny The Boy – Tears In The Rain (Original Mix)
19. Locus – Amon-Ra (Original Mix)
20. Soundbreeze – Be Machine (Original Mix)
21. Nx-Trance – You’ll Never Be Mine (Nx-Trance Remix)



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