Darren Simpson Presents A Trip Into Trance Vol.1


01. Velocity – Lust (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)(1994)
02. Dance 2 Trance – Power Of American Natives (Jam & Spoon Remix)(1993)
03. Libra Presents Taylor – Anomaly (Calling Your Name) (Granny’s Epicure Mix)(1996)
04. Terra Ferma – Lunar Sunrise (Original Mix)(1997)
05. Art Of Trance – Stealth (Original Mix)(1999)
06. Hallucinogen – LSD (Original Mix)(1995)
07. K90 – Bomb-Jack (1997)
08. POB feat. X-Avia – The Awakening (Quietman Remix)(1997)
09. Pablo Gargano – Bolero Extacid (1996)



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