Various Artists – Set:19 [Iboga Records]

Iboga Records here gives you the new compilation in the SET series – SET:19.
The compilation includes some of the latest hits from Iboga Records together with some great classics.

O.T.B, Fabio Fusco, Perfect Stranger, Human Element, Atmos, Pro, Critical Choice, Ticon, Phony Orphants, Liquid Soul, Captain Hook,Behind Blue Eyes, Sun Control Species, Perfect Stranger, Vice, Morten Granau, Tetrameth, Weekend Heroes, Andrea Bertolini, XV Kilist, Rocco (DJ), Beat Bizarre.

Release date: 04.02.2014

Released by: Iboga Records

Purchase: Beatport



1. Critical Choice – Spy Vs. Spy (Original Mix)
2. Ticon – Rip It Up (O.T.B & Naughty Notes Remix)
3. Phony Orphants – Sun Session (Original)
4. Captain Hook & Liquid Soul – Liquid Hook (Fabio Fusco Remix)
5. Liquid Soul – Crazy People (Original)
6. Behind Blue Eyes & Sun Control Species – Second Sunrise (Perfect Stranger remix)
7. Perfect Stranger – Leap Of Faith (Human Element Remix)
8. Morten Granau & Vice – Nutz (Original Mix)
9. Captain Hook & Tetrameth – 5 RV’s & a Pound of K (Atmos Remix)
10. Weekend Heroes – Firedance (Original Mix)
11. Andrea Bertolini – Sequence Slave (Originaland)
12. XV Kilist & Rocco – Gelée Royale (Original)
13. Beat Bizarre – Antikythera Mechanism (Original)
14. Morten Granau – Tusindfryd (Original Mix)



For more information, visit:

Iboga Records: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud  You Tube


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