MARTYR @ Trance Sessions 050


1. The Key- Birth of a New Flower [BMSS Records]
2. John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence- Dark on Fire [JOOF Recordings]
3. Lyctum- Gravity Loss [TesseracT Studio]
4. Liquid Soul- Nirvana (Activa Remix) [Perfercto Fluoro]
5. Sonic Entity- Akasha Field [TesseracT Studio]
6. Funky Dragon- Mellow Monster [Dropzone Records]
7. Ovnimoon, 3 Access & You- Natural Balance [JOOF Mantra]
8. Lyctum & Spinney Lainey- Wake Up (Harmonic Rush Remix) [Edge EDM Records]
9. Peter Plaznik- Black October [Discover Dark]
10. Bowdidge & Taylor- Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]
11. Nick Callaghan & Sneijder- Collision Course [Kearnage Recordings]
12. Johan Ekman- What We Choose [In Trance We Trust]
13. Andy Moor- Resurrection (Indecent Noise Remix) [AVA Recordings]
14. Ranji & Mind Spin- Brain Capacity [Blue Tunes Records]
15. Invisible Reality- Inner Self [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
16. Klopfgeister- Ashpipe (Triceradrops Remix) [Starlight Music Records]
17. Sam Jones- Charlie Charlie [Damaged Records]
18. Peter Plaznik & G8- Mad Chinchilla [Discover Dark]
19. Ian Booth- Fairytale [Discover Dark]
20. John Newall- Dropkick [Mental Asylum Records]
21. Relativ- Back to Infinity [Transcape Records]
22. Makida- Timeline [Transcape Records]
23. Middle Mode & Djantrix – Kerosene [Digital OM]

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