JES Presents #UnleashTheBeat Mixshow 180


1. Dave 202 – Shake It (Original Mix)
2. JES, Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman – Happy (Rickber Serrano & Guztavo Mx Remix )
3. Luis Gonsales – Dallas 3 A.M (Original Mix)
4. JES vs. Sunny LAX – Everything Enceladus (Taxigirl Mashup)
5. Jay Hardway – Stardust (Extended Mix)
6. JES – Dream Weaver (Roger Shah Remix)
7. David Tort & Sevag – Now’s The Time (David Tort Producers Cut Mix)
8. Adrian Lux – Torn Apart (L’Tric Remix)
9. TOPIC ft. Nico Santos – Home (Marcapasos Club Mix)
10. Joe Bermudez ft Louise Carver – Sunrise (Michael Cassette Remix)
11. JES & Andy Duguid – Before You Go (Timothy Allan & Loverush Remix)
12. Gaston Vigoo – Strato (Original Mix)
13. 3LAU ft. Yeah Boy – Is It Love (Extended Mix)



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