Barbar Cavallaro Pres. Trance Temptation EP. 015


  1. Roger Shah & Signum -Healesville Sanctuary (Signum  Remix)
  2. Matt Bukovski and Andy Elliass Feat Abys – Cheops
  3. Angelica S – Quinta Essentia (Ellen’s Trance Project Remix)
  4. Signum – Beyond This Earth
  5. DJ Gard – Wonderland (Prada Remix)
  6. Ron Hagen & ARDI Feat Sarah Lynn – Gold In The Sky (Signum Remix)
  7. Flynn & Denton Feat Audrey Gallagher – Say My Name
  8. Dark Fusion – Stay Close
  9. Photographer – Atlas
  10. Excavator – The Pu-Requiem Malware (Excavator Remix)
  11. James Kiedis – Forsaken


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