Ovnimoon & Rhino – Milk & Honey [Ovnimoon Records]

Ovnimoon Records presents a hot new compilation Milk and Honey by Ovnimoon and Dj Rhino with exclusive and previously released psychedelic hits. The compilation is made in dedication to the memory of PsyBaba Ilias Christakis and features both well established artists such as Ascent, Nature, Ovnimoon, Random, Elegy, Raindrop and Kundalini along with new friends of the label Unicode, Upsoull, Ninaste (the project of Dj Rhino), Entropia and Massive Dynamic.

Ovnimoon really needs no introduction at this point since his music has become a standard name across many genres of Psytrance and electronic music as a whole. Hector’s amazing live and inspirational dj sets have become a mainstay of the biggest festival in and around Chile. Frequently topping the charts with his steady and prolific productions including many new projects with other top producers such as Ascent, Rigel, more. Look for full length collaboration albums, hot new compilations, and always lots of great music when you see the name Ovnimoon.

Dj Rhino (Ovnimoon Records) has been a kindly worker in psychedelic scene from the first years and has offered his heart to the community by playing his fully spirited sets, organize events and by creating the midiradio.net to attend a global connection. He had performed in many places such as Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Holland, Switzerland, Thailand, and Cambodia and will always bear in mind to satisfy and travel all the souls of the dance floor with his mystical tunes. Midiradio.net continues to promote to this day with almost all the artists from the psychedelic progressive and ambient scene. This year he has started his own production, so more info to be announced soon.


Release date: 02.05.2016

Released by: Ovnimoon Records

Purchase: Beatport  Psyshop  Beatspace



1. Ascent – 483 Substances (Nature Remix)
2. Ovnimoon, Nova Fractal, Pragmatix, E-Mantra, Transmutation (Random Remix)
3. Raindrop – Endless Trip
4. Unicode – Progress (Upsoull Remix)
5. Ninaste – Temple Club
6. Upsoull, Entropia – Mind Games
7. Elegy – The Ultimate Mystery
8. Kundalini – And So On
9. Massive Dynamic – People End




For more information, visit:

Geomagnetic: Website  Facebook   Twitter  Soundcloud  You Tube

Ovnimoon Records: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud  Beatport


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