Martyr Pres. Dark Energy 022


01. Asteria & Harmonic Rush- Joanne in Wonderland [Critical Overload]
02. Agent Kritsek- No Rules [Infinty-Tunes]
03. Lupin- Changa [Synergetic Records]
04. Egorythmia & Static Movement- Nano Explosion [Iono Music]
05. Psilocybe Project- Your World [Dissidia Records]
06. Changes- Electron [Pharmacy Music]
07. Owntrip- Tribal Gathering [Blacklite Records]
08. The Key- The Light [Ovnimoon Records]
09. Stereologic & Polen- Lucy [Eclipse Records]
10. Hypnoise & Lunatica- Hypnotica [Own Spirit Records]
11. Tripy- Shamainism [Ovnimoon Records]
12. Atacama- Escape From Velocity [Digital OM]




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