Dr Riddle Presents Mysterious Station 098


01. Egorythmia & Static movement – Nano Explosion [Iono-Music]
02. Ranji, Epic – Like A Disease (Static Movement Remix) [Spin Twist Records]
03. Zyce, Morten Granau – Shiva [TesseracTstudio]
04. Sunscreem – Please Save Me (James Dymond Remix) [Outburst Records]
05. Dee Conaghan – Transmitter Critical Overload
06. ARCON – Patterns of the Cosmos [Zero One Music]
07. Indianix – Oriental Trip [X7M Records]
08. Oxygen – Surrender [X7M Records] Label Of The Week
09. Reverence – The Impossible [Alien Records] Artist Of The Week
10. Harmonic Rush & Asteria – Joanne In Wonderland [Critical Overload]
11. Astrix – Coolio (ORPHEUS Remix) [Pharmacy Music] Power Of The Week #02
12. Will Atkinson – Pat Butcher [Kearnage Recordings] Power Of The Week #01
13. G8 – The Riddle [Discover Dark / Recoverworld Label Group]
14. Stephen Kirkwood – The Wolf [JOOF Recordings]
15. Dany Dazano Official – Chariklo (Unbeat. Remix) [Liquid Energy Digital]
16. Javii Wind – Calis (Alan Santy Trance Remix) [Sundance Recordings]
17. Ciro Visone, Ed Baxxter – Pearl [Discover Digital]
18. Cenk Basaran – Northern Lights [Discover Records]
19. Rene Ablaze & Andre Visior feat. Crystal Blakk – Beautiful Things (Para X Remix) [We Are Trance]
20. The Cloudy Day – Monolith [State Control Records]
21. Ronski Speed & ARUNA – All the Way (Alan Morris Remix) [Maracaido Records]
22. Jose Solis, Kickstone – Forza Illuminata [Rielism]/ Black Hole Recordings]
23. Highforcer – Defender of Gotham [Discover White Label]
24. Carlo Mathaye – Midnight (Bernis Remix) [Sundance Recordings] Back To The Trance #02
25. Hemstock & Robert Vadney – Last Man Standing (Perrelli & Mankoff Remix) [Xzata Music] Trance Of The Week #03
26. DJ FEEL & Alexandra Badoi – Did We Feel (ReOrder Remix) [Suanda Music]
27. Robbie Seed – Anteiku [Veritas Recordings] Trance Of The Week #02
28. Kheiro & Medi – Klaipeda (Jerzyk Remix) Titan Audio] Trance Of The Week #01
29. J2 Producer feat. Angel Falls – Agnieszka Wasilewska – Where I Belong (Ar-2 Extended Remix) [Pulsar Recordings] Back To The Trance #01




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