JOOF 18 YEARS [JOOF Recordings]

In life, your 18th birthday elegantly signifies your maturity, perseverance, and your independence. This year we celebrate JOOF’s 18th birthday and we are thriving in our prime and flowering with all of our amazing and ambitious artists.
We offered our artists a challenge for all of our wonderful JOOF fans, we asked them to remix and add their miraculous flavour to JOOF Classics: A daunting, yet rewarding challenge.

This album was made with passion, love, and unrelenting affection from all of the artists involved, and that’s exactly what JOOF symbolises.

Come celebrate our 18th Birthday with us!


Release date: 13.06.2016

Released by: JOOF Recordings

Purchase: Beatport



01. AR52 – Timegate (Basil O’Glue Remix)
02. Rick Pier O’Neil – Loud And Proud (Pt. 3)
03. Wes Straub – Sunrise Over XamanHa (2016 Beach Version)
04. John 00 Fleming – 5000 Light Years From Earth (Simon Templar Tribute Remix)
05. John 00 Fleming – Tour de Trance (Gary Delaney Remix)
06. Airwave – A Simple Day (John Dopping Vipassana)
07. AR52 – Piiska (Facade Remix)
08. John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde – Mejarka (LSYE Remix)
09. Alex Di Stefano – Black Panther (Alessandro Spaiani Rework)
10. John 00 Fleming – Tour de Trance (Insert Name 2016 Remix)
11. Airwave – The Moment of Truth (Satinka Remix)
12. Aquasource – Waking Up The Sun (Alan Ruddick Remix)
13. The Digital Blonde – Gothica (Splattered Implant Remix)
14. Steve Birch – Spaced Out (Steve Birch 2016 Remix)
15. AR52 – Piiska (Chris Oblivion Remix)
16. Airwave – The Wrath Of Tambora (Mekka Remix)
17. Cosmithex – Alchemy (2016 Rework)


For more information, visit:

JOOF Recordings: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud



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