STING SELECTION, VOL. 2 [Sting Records]

After great feedback with “Sting selection vol 1” compilation, we decided to make another
magic story, combining the best sounds from our label family!
After almost 3 years of releasing music, we got many talents, super artists, and we are proud
for great support of musicians and,and proud to present you new generation of trance music.
This time we choose tracks with a lot of deep atmospheric vibe, powerful kick & bass, perfect for summer dancefloors!
Magic becomes act with artists such as Liquid Sound, Agent Kritsek, Spinney Lainey, Shogan, Ascent, Norma Project, Cambium, Etherica, D-Twin,Moon Tripper, Maitika,Monolock, Mazord, Solar Waves and Electit.
Fly with us!


Release date: 13.06.2016

Released by: Sting Records

Purchase: Beatport  Psyshop 


For more information, visit:

Sting Records: Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud



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