Psytrance Unity Presents Underground Connection 008


First Hour : Recruit (Psytrance Unity)

01. Astrix -Deep jungle walk (Original mix) (Hommega Productions)
02. Egorythmia – 1 million Galaxies (Iono Music)
03. Zyce – Shiva (TessaractAudio)
04. Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
05. Astrix – Sapana (Hommega Productions)
06. Xerox and Illumination – Source Energy (Aduiotec Remix) (TechSafari Records)
07. Symbolic, Zentura – Unified Field (Original Mix) (SourceCode Transmissions)
08. Side Effects – Dream On (Ilai remix) (Iono Music)
09. Shank – Deep Space Traveler (Original Mix) (SourceCode Transmissions)
10. One Function – Yantra (Original Mix) (Iono Music)
11. Reverse – Pure Reflections (Original Mix) (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)
12. Protonica – Northern Storm (Faders remix) (TechSafari Records)

Second hour : Martyr (Dark Matter)

01. Harmonic Rush- Electronic Impulses (Critical Overload)
02. Radial!- Survival (Dropzone Records)
03. Daniel Lesden- Enuma Elish [JOOF V.2)
04. Atacama- Escape From Velocity (Digital OM)
05. Elegy- Saturn (Ovnimoon Records)
06. Lyctum- Gravity Loss (TesseracTstudios)
07. Relativ & Protheus- Nuclear Charge (Transcape Records)
08. Invisible Reality – Inner Self (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)
09. Asteria & Harmonic Rush- Joanne in Wonderland (Critical Overload)
10. Egorythmia & E- Clip- New Level of Being (JOOF Mantra)
11. You Are My Salvation- When the Forest Sleeps (Digital Blonde Remix) (Cloudy Moon Records)



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