John 00 Fleming Presents Global Trance Grooves 160 With Chris Oblivion Guest Mix


-Deep mix-
1. Perry O’Neal – Afterwards
2. Robert Babicz – Auralphase (CID inc & Darlin Epsilon remix)
3. John 00 Fleming – Altered senses (Synthetic vs Valys remix)
4. Matt Holliday – The Exception (Facade remix)

-New Mp3-
5. Ivan Nikusev & Steiss – Native girl (Cetara remix)

-Turbo mix-
6. Robert Elster – Dream projector
7. Rober Elster – Straight to base
8. Robert Elster – Recrystalization
9. Vibrasphere – In control

-Track of the month-
10. Christopher Lawrence – Banshee (Lostly)

Guest mix:
Chris Oblivion (Greece)



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