GTF Sessions 038 – Arrakeen Guest Mix


1. Neo Kekkonen – Kate (Arrakeen Radio Mix) [AscendanceAudio – end Q3]
2. Arrakeen – Twenty Thirteen (Twisted Mix) [Camouflage]
3. Locus – Thera (Arrakeen Hyperdrive Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
4. David Surok featuring Arrakeen – Why? (Original Mix) [AscendanceAudio – Q3]
5. Arrakeen & Jaki Song – Time (Original Mix) [We Are Trance]
6. Arrakeen – ID [CDR]
7. Arrakeen – Goodbye My Friend (Ikerya Project 2014 Remix) [AscendanceAudio / Abora Recordings]
8. Neo Kekkonen – Mirage (Arrakeen Illusion Mix) [Camouflage]
9. French Skies – Orient II (Akku Remix) [AscendanceAudio]
10. Stephane Badey & Jaki Song – Phoenix Lights (Arrakeen Epic Mix) [AscendanceAudio]
11. Arrakeen – Defiance 2015 (Original Mix) [CDR]
12. M.I.K.E. Push – Till We Meet Again (Arrrakeen 2014 Remake) [CDR]



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