Airwave Presents LCD Sessions 020


1. Monojoke – Hollow Child (Matt Holliday’s Deepset Remix)
2. Leo G Supersonic (Gai Barone’s Extended Mix)
3. Modulo303 –  From The Earth (Original Mix)
4. Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra – Honey (Original Mix)
5. Jaia & Pris Stratton – Use Your Imagination (Pris Stratton Pleasure Mix)
6. Blufeld & Dj Fire – First Flight To Mars (Original Mix)
7. Miquel – Festia (Pompeiy Remix)
8. Airwave – Pray For Happiness (Original Mix)
9. Manmademan And All That (Manifestor Remix)
10. Stephen Kirkwood & 2nd Phase – Steal This Track (Original Mix)
11. Coming Soon – Ambitions (Original Mix)
12. ID – ID
13. Three Drives – Sunset On Ibiza (Original)
14. Thomas Datt pres. Datticus – Infinity Loop (Original Mix)
15. Sphera – We’re Burning (Original Mix)
16. Sabretooth – Covering Ground (Original Mix)
17. Tim Bourne – Sages Of Sivana (Original Mix)
18. Christopher Lawrence & No Comment – Horizon (Original Mix)
19. ID – ID



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