VA – Goa Session by Outsiders [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

After the 11th release of our new ‘GOA SESSIONS’ Series with Skazi, we are proud to bring you the ever anticipated 12th round! Nobody could do it better than Israel’s world renowned producer‘s Haim Lev & Guy Malka a.k.a. OUTSIDERS.

They‘ll endeavor to open up their magical musical treasure chest for us. Providing their undivided attention to present you with 2 CD‘s. An overview of their real taste & knowledge into our progressive trance scene. The result is a fantastic journey into our world of deep psychedelic trance.

Included are their latest productions & collaboration works with Symbolic, Killerwatts, Raja Ram and Electric Universe (Outside The Universe). As well tracks from well known producers like Faders, Loud & Burn In Noise, Mad Maxx, Symbolic & Waio, Lucas vs Laughing Buddha, Mad Tribe. The result is over 140 minutes of a deep & epic journey into the Mind of two unique Artists. For us it is a real pleasure to present you with this outstanding 383th release on Y.S.E. Recordings.


Release date: 19.08.2016

Released by: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Purchase: Beatport



01. Outsiders vs Symbolic – Life on Earth
02. Circuit Breakers – Square Stomp (Outside the Universe Remix)
03. Outsiders – Our Moment Has Arrived
04. Sonic Species – The First and the Last (Mad Maxx Remix)
05. Tristan – Enlightenment (Outsiders Remix)
06. Astral Projection – Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
07. Lucas vs Laughing Buddha – Revel with the Devil
08. Electric Universe – Spacetime
09. Outsiders vs Raja Ram – Secret of the Magic Garden
10. Wrecked Machines – Bandbox (Symbolic & Waio Remix)
11. Loud & Burn In Noise – A Real Good Time
12. Pixel & Wrecked Machines – Mother Funker (Outsiders Remix)
13. 1200 Micrograms – Hashish (Faders Remix)
14. Outsiders vs Killerwatts – Space Travel
15. Mad Tribe – Tuned in Perfectly
16. Outside The Universe – Electric Memories
17. Symbolic – Insidious (Electric Universe Remix)
18. Outsiders – Floating Point



For more on YSE, visit:

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