FLEGMA – Remixes [TesseracTstudio]

Under the name ‘Remixes’, Flegma presents his freshly made edits of 2 massive tracks: ‘The Ritual’ and ‘The Moon’.


Release date: 16.10.2017.

Released by: TesseracTstudio

Purchase: Beatport  



1. Zyce – The Ritual (FLEGMA Remix)
2. Talpa – The Moon (FLEGMA Remix)


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Jens Jakob – The Rebel [Unique Sound Records]

A rebellion who overcame fears by just being himself, by being the same person, visible but nobody cares! Sweat, tears and passion fuels the construction of a new dawn, sparks of a noisy mature danish arsenal being called Jens Jakob weaving hands in a high land outlining his flagship ‘The Rebel’. By looking at ‘The Big Picture’, charming reverby melody, textured with lush pads, introducing a classy bassline with more and more layers of percussion and acid arpeggiator, breaking on an angry strict statement to think more about the big picture. Psy-on at max, ‘Leftovers’ is kicking in with classic arp lines, killer rolling bassline and scary screamy pad in the background, vox chops drive the acidline to its break point, dropping a neat driving groove with an angry synths. Percussive melodic introduction to a ‘Mad Man’‘s revenge, it’s all about the atmospheric background and punchy in-your-face bass, uplifted by a crystal clear arpeggiator to break on to take breath to throw a hell of driving distorted lead. ‘Far Behind’ but still driving and leading, powered by sour bassline and groovy vocal shops, driven to max speed by synths stubs to slow down on 80s synthwave era till shocking sirens give push in time to get back on board. Slow down to a progressive trip to the ‘North Sea’, somewhere in the atmosphere, a bassy melodic voice is calling, clear anthem of crushing waves, long short minutes of relaxation. Heading to ‘Fjerritslev’, dark twisted angry acidic bass and acid lines leaving the mic to people to complain about the soar bass drop till breaking on shiny lush pads playing love song of Bieber, seriously?! Justin Bieber, NO!! a bass punch in his face! Darker and ‘High’er in dosage, psychedelic in its best formation, LSD would fuel your imagination with asian ensemble preforming, hallucinations!! it’s all about basslines, angry basslines only till euphoria state breaks again to dark realistic life. Entertainment is about getting yourself ‘Entertained’, that’s drugs talking ! leave the space now for acids to speak, supported by dubby synth stubs till the melody breaks in not so long till rage ! Full-on ‘8.27’, symbolic indicator of peak value on rage-o-meter, soar driving basslines surrounded by arpeggiators from hell, percussion and more ACIDS!!! ‘Punk’?! not literally, rolling bassline all the way, pivoting more layers to scout the place for acidlines but as it says, the alarm sirens released, whispers is useless and you are a hopeless case! Howling atmosphere, alone in the dark surrounded by the ‘Children of The Night’, no sympathy! just bravery and tribal rhythms would save your … shoulder! maybe chemical acids would save you, it’s 21th century!

Release date: 16.10.2017.

Released by: Unique Sound Records

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1. The Big Picture (Original Mix)
2. Leftovers (Original Mix)
3. Mad Man (Original Mix)
4. Far Behind (Original Mix)
5. The North Sea (Original Mix)
6. Fjerritslev (Original Mix)
7. High (Original Mix)
8. Entertained (Original Mix)
9. 8, 27 (Original Mix)
10. Punk (Original Mix)
11. Children Of The Night (Original Mix)



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John 00 Fleming Presents Global Trance Grooves 175 With Eeemus Guest Mix


-Deep mix-
1. Dmitry Molosh – The Fall (Framewerk Remix) [AfterglowDeep]
2. Fausto Fanizza & Thomas Schwartz feat. Piper Davis – Midnight [Armada Electronic Elements]
3. Pyramid – Dusty Kid (Adventures Mix) [Digital structure]
4. John 00 Fleming – Close doors [JOOF Recordings]

-New Mp3-
5. Relaunch – Inversion [Bonzai Progressive]

-Turbo mix-
6. Meat Katie & Ben Coda – Just Quiet (Ettica_Remix) [Lowering the tone]
7. Jay Hubbard – Meteorite (Jeremy Rowlett Remix) [Abstract Space Records]
8. Gordey Tsukanov – Anesthesia [JOOF Recordings]
9. The Digital Blonde remix – ID

-Track of the month-
10. Airwave – Sadness in Black & White [JOOF Recordings]

Guest mix:
Eeemus (Australia)



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Airwave Presents LCD Sessions 031


1. Blufeld – Tristful Sleeper (Original Mix)
2. Pole Folder – Woodstock Sunset
3. Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Taya (Original Mix)
4. Russlan Jaafreh – Al Andalus (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
5. Mariner ft Miss T – Don’t Let Go (Original Mix)
6. AstroPilot – There Is No Tomorrow!
7. AstroPilot – My Home Is Where You Are
8. Roger Martinez – Chinguarime (Donatello Remix)
9. Kommodo – Saturn
10. Tim Penner – The Keymaster (Original Mix)
11. Cherry Pheromone – Tibetan Nights (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
12. Moshic – She Is A Symposion (Original)
13. Nepou – Parallelwelten (Original Mix)
14. Randy Seidman & Steve Porter – Safe Passage (Matan Caspi Remix)
15. Ricardo Piedra – Zyrvinth (Original Mix)
16. Federico Monachesi – This Is Not Happening (Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher Remix)
17. Tash – TaMiLands (Danito & Athina Remix)
18. The Stupid Experts – Full Moon Rising (Andromedha ‘Beyond Space’ Remix)
19. Airwave – When Things Go Wrong (Blufeld Remix)
20. Relaunch – Leave No Doubt (Original Mix)
21. Android – Monster (Original Mix)



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Pharmacy Radio 015 With Phanatic & Rafael Osmo



1. Matan Caspi & Stan Kolev – Enigma [Outta Limits]
2. Paul Thomas & White-Akre – Dark Heart [Armada Electronic Elements]
3. Effective Vs Blazer – Gods & Monsters [New Kicks]
4. HP Source – Guerrilla [Kearnage]
5. Coming Soon!!! x WAIO – Create The Machine [Who’s Afraid of 138?!]
6. Coexist & Mr.What – Red Alert [Iboga]
7. Fergie & Sadrian – Crazy Carnival [Pharmacy]
8. Ace Ventura & Captain Hook – The Jolly Roger (Timelock Remix) [Dropzone]
9. Christopher Lawrence & Orpheus – Cosmic Dust [Dreamstate]
10. Outsiders & Hypnocoustics – Earthshine [Sacred Technology]
11. Relativ & Audiofire – Balearic Dawn [Digital Om]
12. Sonic Species & Volcano – What Is Life [Sacred Technology]


Guest Mix: Phanatic

1. Phanatic – Humanity [Spintwist]
2. Ritmo – Adventures (Phanatic Remix) [Iboga]
3. Phanatic – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect [Bounce]
4. Phanatic & Bizzare Contact – We Are The Future [Bounce]
5. Phanatic & Delirious – Lucid Dreaming [Bounce]
6. Liquid Soul & Phanatic – Awakening Dreams [Iboga]
7. Bryan Kearney – Adrenaline (Phanatic Remix) [Dreamstate]


Guest Mix: Rafael Osmo

1. Rafael Osmo – Generator (Extended Mix) [Create Music]
2. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Lumina (Extended Mix) [GO Music]
3. Rafael Osmo & Robert Gitelman – Rovers [Mike Push Studio]
4. Rafael Osmo – ID
5. Rafael Osmo – Spoiler [Pharmacy Music]
6. Symphonix – Music Prostitute (Re-Design 2017) [Blue Tunes]



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Daniel Lesden Presents Rave Podcast 089 With Dan Ascherl (UK)


1. Jaia – Electricity (Mindwave Remix)
2. Flowjob – Leviathan (Original Mix)
3. Zyce & Zyrus 7 – Transmitter (Original Mix)
4. Owntrip – Re Create (Original Mix)
5. Liquid Ace – Neurochemistry (Yestermorrow Remix)
6. Ranji – Psychedelic Experience (Original Mix)
7. Timelock & ON3 – Universe Unfold (Original Mix)
8. Vertex & Norma Project – Rise Of The Flame (Original Mix)
9. Tristate & Aioaska – Lost In Modulation (Original Mix)
10. Orpheus & Osher – 1998 (Original Mix)
11. Relativ – Subreality (Original Mix)
12. Faders & Vertical Mode – Optical Illusion (Original Mix)

Dan Ascherl (UK) Guest Mix:

1. Ivanshee – Iron Wave (Original Mix)
2. Airwave – The Unfinished (Original Mix)
3. Andromedha – Perpetuum (Original Mix)
4. Eeemus – Icarus (Gordey Tsukanov Remix)
5. Waveform – Intelligent Machines (Original Mix)
6. Visua – Wanna Dance (Original Mix)
7. Zen Mechanics, Flegma, Nerso – Flux (Original Mix)
8. James Monro – Expansion (Original Mix)
9. Visua – The Time Has Come (Original Mix)



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Exhibition VI mixed by Ben Lost [Lost Language]

t’s been four years since BEN LOST mixed EXHIBITION V, a release that marked his full-time return to the label after ‘the sabbatical to end all sabbaticals’, and seventeen years since LOST001 was released when he first took hold of the reigns as an “eager, wide eyed trance foal”.

Since the labels inception, he’s made no secret of his desire to mine that late 90’s ‘Golden Age of Trance’ vibe, albeit with crisp, modern production techniques – “never drowning in nostalgia, happily treading water” – something Ben Lost has captured here on EXHIBITION VI, his fourth and most recent in the series.

Tim Bourne’s ‘Unconditional’ remix of Guardians of Valhalla set’s a wistful, melancholic mood reminiscent of those deeper moments on Tiesto’s early ISOS compilations, with Relaunch’s unreleased rework of Funny Place Called Life finding a home four tracks deep, alongside Labyr1nths remix of Audio Noir’s Lonely Empire, both of which nod to the techier side of EL EL’s sound.

The transition from ‘Beyond the Horizon’ into Simon Templar‘s ‘Oblivion Part 2’ has an old school drop that we’ll never tire of, and wouldn’t have been found had Ben Lost “foolishly stuck to mixing in key”, with ‘The Monastery’, ‘Weaver of Black Noise’ and ‘Violetta’ having become something of a trilogy in their own right, his “Gull into Last Trip to Paradise”, Oakey geeks.

Peter Steele and 3 Access & U feature more than once, and deservedly so, epitomising EL EL’s classy, driving trance ethos – check ‘Nirvana’, ‘Machine’ and ‘We Are One’ – and in the energy soaked third quarter, Mac & Monday deliver a slamming remix of Jamie Baggotts ‘Exodus’, before Paradox – another hugely talented UK prog star – gets the D-Code treatment on his ‘Can’t Change the Wind’ release, featuring a late night chin wobbler of a breakdown, a proper moment and an HQ highlight.

Ben Lost says: “EXHIBITION VI will be my 4th in the series, always presented as a puzzle, with every inclusion having a fresh LL catalogue number, but once I’d found the corners, the rest came together, with tracks and remixes appearing in my box just when I needed them. Chris Porter‘s stunning rework of ‘Tilt’s Angry Skies’ and the acid bounce of Paul Hawcroft‘s ‘Evolution’ being perfect examples of this, not to mention Peetu S‘s capital ‘T’ Trance remix of ‘Inner Laugh’, a deliciously sacrilegious way to end the comp”.

“I’m really proud of this compilation and all the artists featured, and without going into too much detail, I wasn’t even sure if this mix would see the light of day, as music gave way to more pressing, personal struggles, but despite operating in what seems like an entirely different time zone to those on the outside, I feel LOST LANGUAGE can go on, on and on……way beyond this landmark, 150th release.” – Amen.

“Infinite love to all the artists, labels and fans for their passion and patience along the way”.

– Lost Language / Ben Lost – September 2017.


Release date: 06.10.2017.

Released by: Lost Language

Purchase: Beatport  iTunes



1. Darkskye – Guardians of Valhalla [Tim Bourne Unconditional Remix]
2. Paul Hawcroft – Evolution
3. Audio Noir – Lonely Empire [Labyr1nth Remix]
4. Relaunch – Funny Place Called Life [Exhibition Remix]
5. Tim Bourne – Beyond The Horizon
6. Simon Templar – Oblivion (Part 2)
7. Darkskye – The Monastery [Simon Templar Remix]
8. Dark Sahara – The Weaver Of Black Noise [CBM Remix]
9. 3 Access & You – Violetta
10. Jamie Baggotts – Exodus [Mac & Monday Remix]
11. Peter Steele – Nirvana
12. Paradox – Can’t Change the Wind [D-Code Remix]
13. 3 Access & You – Machine [Peter Steele Remix]
14. Ovnimoon – We Are One [3 Access & You Remix]
15. Tilt – Angry Skies [Chris Porter Remix]
16. Roland Klinkenberg – Inner Laugh [Peetu S Exhibition Remix]


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Freedom Fighters – Edge [HOMmega]


In a world of animated patterns, fractals and 4 dimension artworks, committing to any kind of branding can be long, risky and sometimes a very frustrating process. Luckily, in most cases, we had the privilege of working with what we call “True artists”; those who come with full creative concept and vision – musically and visually.

For those of you who follow FF, we truly believe you’ll find something really unique in this album. EDGE‘s storyline as FF’s musical journey unfolds itself from black and white into deep and colorful palette of darkness. Summing up an inspiring creation process, seeking to stretch his musical knowledge to new metaphysical edges, collaborating with his well-known but yet surprising quest companions, such as – Ticon, Mr.Bill, Rocky, Sensient, Outsiders and Evil Oil Man.

Dive into Freedom Fighters world, compressed into 9 tracks ranging from 90 to 142 bpm.

A dark, mysterious and pure psychedelic brain candy.


Release date: 09.10.2017.

Released by: HOMmega Productions

Purchase: Beatport

01. Freedom Fighters – Rogue (Original Mix)
02. Freedom Fighters, Sensient & Mr. Bill – Straya (Original Mix)
03. Freedom Fighters & Ticon – Thousand Light Years (Original Mix)
04. Freedom Fighters & Rocky – Stranger Things (Original Mix)
05. Freedom Fighters – Clockwork (Original Mix)
06. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders – Sticklights (Original Mix)
07. Freedom Fighters & Evil Oil Man – Assimilated (Original Mix)
08.  Freedom Fighters – Arafell (Original Mix)
09. Freedom Fighters & Earth Sine – Serendipity (Original Mix)


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