Freedom Fighters – Edge [HOMmega]


In a world of animated patterns, fractals and 4 dimension artworks, committing to any kind of branding can be long, risky and sometimes a very frustrating process. Luckily, in most cases, we had the privilege of working with what we call “True artists”; those who come with full creative concept and vision – musically and visually.

For those of you who follow FF, we truly believe you’ll find something really unique in this album. EDGE‘s storyline as FF’s musical journey unfolds itself from black and white into deep and colorful palette of darkness. Summing up an inspiring creation process, seeking to stretch his musical knowledge to new metaphysical edges, collaborating with his well-known but yet surprising quest companions, such as – Ticon, Mr.Bill, Rocky, Sensient, Outsiders and Evil Oil Man.

Dive into Freedom Fighters world, compressed into 9 tracks ranging from 90 to 142 bpm.

A dark, mysterious and pure psychedelic brain candy.


Release date: 09.10.2017.

Released by: HOMmega Productions

Purchase: Beatport

01. Freedom Fighters – Rogue (Original Mix)
02. Freedom Fighters, Sensient & Mr. Bill – Straya (Original Mix)
03. Freedom Fighters & Ticon – Thousand Light Years (Original Mix)
04. Freedom Fighters & Rocky – Stranger Things (Original Mix)
05. Freedom Fighters – Clockwork (Original Mix)
06. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders – Sticklights (Original Mix)
07. Freedom Fighters & Evil Oil Man – Assimilated (Original Mix)
08.  Freedom Fighters – Arafell (Original Mix)
09. Freedom Fighters & Earth Sine – Serendipity (Original Mix)


For more on Freedom Fighters, visit:

Website  Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud 



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