Best of Vandit 2017 mixed by Jardin

Release date: 22.12.2017.

Released by: VANDIT Records

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1. Richard Lowe – Levitate
2. Emanuele Braveri – Destination Summer
3. Chris Bekker – Episodes
4. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – It Is Full Of Stars
5. Farhad Mahdavi – Argentina
6. Rafael Osmo – Euphoria
7. Paul van Dyk – I Am Alive
8. Jardin – Rise Up
9. Pierre Pienaar – Higher State
10. Jardin – Ubahn
11. Alex M.O.R.P.H. vs Scott Bond & Charlie Walker – F3F
12. Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley – The Code
13. Saad Ayub & Ronski Speed – Crazy Whispers
14. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat Eric Lumiere – Heart of Life (Skylex Remix)



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Aly & Fila Presents FSOE 528 Wonder Of The Year (Top 30 Countdown)


01. Signum & James Dymond – Keep On Moving Up [FSOE]
02. Robert Nickson – Heliopause [Grotesque]
03. O.B.M Notion – Uplifted To Another Word (Daniel Kandi Bangin’ Mix) [Inspectrum]
04. Ahmed Romel – Vanaheim [Blue Soho]
05. Ferry Tayle & Franco Riccobaldi – Who Knew [FSOE Fables]
06. Ahmed Romel – Dust & Echoes [FSOE]
07. Madwave – Colours Of The 5th Rainbow [FSOE]
08. Ciaran McAuley – The Sunrise Through Your Eyes [FSOE]
09. Alessandra Roncone – Sogno [FSOE]
10. Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone – Vona [FSOE Fables]
11. Daniel Kandi vs Exouler – New Way [Always Alive]
12. Aly & Fila with Sue McLaren – Surrender [FSOE]
13. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter – The Potion [FSOE]
14. Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella – Venera (Vee’s Theme) [Flashover]
15. Eric Senn – Aphrodite [Beyond The Stars]
16. Mart Sine – Atlantis [Levitaded]
17. Eric Senn – Horus [Abora Skies]
18. Fady & Mina – Akemi [FSOE]
19. Aly & Fila with Ana Criado – All Heaven [FSOE]
20. RAM & Arctic Moon with Stine Grove – A Billion Stars Above [FSOE]
21. Ciaran McAuley – In Memory Of You [Grotesque]
22. Robert Nickson feat. Cat Martin – Every Sun (Factor B Perfect Sunrise Mix) [FSOE]
23. Factor B – Something Like A Cure [FSOE]
24. James Dymond & Chris Schweizer – Spectrum [FSOE]
25. Andromedha – Through The Desert [JOOF]
26. Robert Nickson – Euphorica [FSOE]
27. Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle – Concorde [FSOE Fables]
28. Aly & Fila – Beyond The Lights [FSOE]
29. Aly & Fila vs. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker – Shadow [FSOE]

Wonder Of Year 2017:
30. Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef – The Chronicles (FSOE 500 Anthem) [FSOE]



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Pharmacy Radio 017 With Outsiders & DJ Calixta


Christopher Lawrence

1. Pryda – Stay With Me [Pryda Recordings] *Track Of The Month*
2. John 00 Fleming – We Close Doors (Eeemus’s Black Lodge Remix) [J00F]
3. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee – Time Travel [Outburst]
4. Allaby & Bedders – Hollywood [Nano]
5. Jordan Suckley – Rocket Punch [Damaged]
6. Fergie & Sadrian – Ganesh [Pharmacy]
7. White Noise & Pangea – Bhenga [Nutek]
8. No Comment – Ooga (Christopher Lawrence Remix) [X7M]
9. Sonic Species – Zero (AudioFire Rmx)
10. Tristan – Travelling At The Speed Of Life [Nano]
11. Telepatic & Pragmatix – Electronic Machines [Antu]


DJ Calixta (Pharmacy Music)

1. Changes & Calixta – Axion (The Digital Blonde Remix) [Pharmacy]
2. Daniel Lesden – Existence [Digital Om]
3. Zyce & Sub6 – Whichcraft (Makida Remix) [TesseracTstudio]
4. Ilai – Tale of Trance [Iono]
5. Sideform – Advanced Civilization [Digital Om]
6. Changes & Calixta – The Guardians [Pharmacy]
7. Vertical Mode – Time Machine (Imagine Mars Remix) [HOMmega]
8. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders – Stick Lights [Dreamstate]



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Phanatic – Christmas Pack [Free Download]


1. Liquid Soul & Phanatic – Awakening Dreams
2. Phanatic – Humanity (Original Mix)
3. Phanatic – Humanity (Original Mix)
4. Phanatic & Bizzare Contact – We Are The Future (Original Mix)
5. Ritmo – Adventures (Phanatic Remix)
6. Phanatic vs Spade – Mandala (Original Mix)


Available for free download till 01.01.2018.

Enjoy & Download

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‘2017 was THE best year for us, so we made this compilation to celebrate it.
15 of our best tracks, courtesy of Manuel Le Saux, Astuni, Nikolauss, Allen Watts, Pinkque, Estigma, Temple One, Mike Sanders and many more mixed and selected by the whole Extrema Team!’

Just grab your copy and hit play!

Trance on!

Release date: 18.12.2017.

Released by: Extrema Global Music

Purchase & Stream: Beatport  Google Play  Spotify



01. Hiroki Nagamine – Eien (Radio Edit)
02. 4 Seas – Sagra (Radio Edit)
03. Peter Martijn Wijnia – Carpe Diem (Temple One Remix Edit)
04. Mike Sanders – Love Your Life (Radio Edit)
05. Jerzyk Ft. Ariette Florence – Next To You (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Re-Lift)
06. Estigma & Pinkque Presents Hybrid Theory – Collide (Radio Edit)
07. Nikolauss – Star 48 (Radio Edit)
08. Tau-Rine – Sunrise (Radio Edit)
09. Ronny K & Ben Ashley – Every Single Moment (Astuni & Nikolauss Radio Edit)
10. James Kelly – Coastline (Radio Edit)
11. Dj Th – Rainbow (Nikolauss 140 Remix Edit)
12. Ashley Smith – Outward Spirals (Radio Edit)
13. Unbeat – Promise Me (Allen Watts Remix Edit)
14. Manuel Le Saux – Everyeye (Radio Edit)
15. Nikolauss – Speedforce (Radio Edit)
16. VA – Extrema Global Music Best Of 2017 (Continuous Mix)

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Lunatica – A New Point Of View [Digital Om Productions]

Lunatica is the blasting psychedelic psytrance project from Miguel Solans also known as Lupin by his progressive project! After producing for years under Lupin Miguel decided to take a it level further by forming the Lunatica project. Lunatica is all about pushing boundaries between styles & its sound can be described as a fine balance between day time full on and night time psychedelic driving music. Lunatica has arrived now to take swipe the dancefloor away by monstrous maddening liquid sounds!


‘This is it! A New Point Of View. The album I’ve been creating during the last year. Thanks to all the artists whose let me express my musical art thru a new vision of their work, in the form of this remix album where I have put all my best ideas, feelings, intentions. I really wish you will connect to this journey. Thanks to Bart for a brilliant mastering work, Fahd for such a beautiful artwork and my beloved family and home label Digital Om for making this path together. Especially thanks to all the people who follow my work, you are a big part of my inspiration every day.’

Release date: 11.12.2017.

Released by: Digital Om

Purchase: Beatport  Psyshop


1. Hujaboy & WAIO – Synesthesia (Lunatica Remix)
2. Imaginarium – Axioms Of Change (Lunatica Remix)
3. Altruism – Dreamers Of Dreams (Lunatica Remix)
4. Spirit Architect – Morning Glory (Lunatica Remix)
5. Lupin – Boomshakalaka (Lunatica Remix)
6. Dust & Oblivant – Garbage Accelerator (Lunatica Remix)
7. Earthspace – Mind and Magick (Lunatica Remix)
8. Ital – Amuletos (Lunatica Remix)
9. Hypnoise – Spiritual Chants (Lunatica Remix)


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Liquid Soul Essential Mix Vol.10 2017


1. Liquid Soul & Phanatic – Awakening Dreams
2. Sean Tyas – Swimming In Acid (Symbolic Rmx)
3. Liquid Soul – Wake Up
4. Kalki – Maya
5. One Function – Ajna
6. Vini Vici & Pixel – Flashback
7. Out Now – Spiritual Progression
8. Ritmo – Your Gate To Freedom
9. Animato & Ticon – The Given Moment
10. Ritmo & Lifeforms – Orchid
11. Coming Soon – Ready To Get High (Vibe Tribe & Somnia Rmx)
12. Fabio Fusco – Distorted Reality
13. Ranji – Psychedelic Experience
14. Bryan Kearney – Adrenaline (Phanatic Rmx)
15. Ace Ventura – Altern8 Patterns ( Pitch Bend Rmx)
16. Tristan & Ace Ventura – Blaze The Fire
17. Simon Patterson – Spike (Vertical Mode Rmx)
18. Electro Sun & Spade – Duality


Enjoy & Download

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Innovations, Vol. 1: Mixed by Synfonic [Pharmacy Plus]

Christopher Lawrence‘s latest imprint Pharmacy Plus has shaken up Trance in all the right ways. Sophisticated and innovative, the label is committed to exploring a deeper, darker side. Drawing on elements from techno and progressive, it continually pushes boundaries, proving that trance has a breadth of creativity beyond the commercial sounds typically associated with genre.

For the launch of it’s Innovations series, Pharmacy Plus brings Los Angeles based duo Synfonic onboard to curate and mix the first installment. This team has already proven themselves with a series of massive tracks and now they deliver a slam dunk with an impressive mix featuring some of the label’s most talented artists and quality tunes.

Innovations showcases some of Pharmacy Plus‘s top releases found in the sets of DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Sean Tyas, Will Atkinson, Indecent Noise, John Askew, Alex MORPH and more. Buckle up for a turbo charged ride. It’s Pharmacy Plus time.

Release date: 27.11.2017.

Released by: Pharmacy Plus

Purchase: Beatport



01. Tim Bourne – Sages of Silvana
02. Stephane Badey – Galactika
03. Christopher Lawrence vs Fergie & Sadrian – Buenos Aires (Caser Rasch Remix)
04. Synfonic – Metamorphosis
05. Beamrider – Closer (Hassan Jewel Remix)
06. Frost Raven – Nowhere to Hide (Hi-Tech Mix)
07. Neos – Tequila
08. Oberon – The Rest Strings of Fate (Project 8 Remix)
09. Serjan – Neuroscape
10. Fergie & Sadrian – Blow Out
11. Awoken – Xenomorph
12. Mark L – The Cutthroats
13. Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill – Commodity
14. Daniel Willmot – The Light in the Darkness
15. Deathmind – Inside
16. DubTek – Fear Factor (Fergie & Sadrian Remix)
17. Stardesign – Max Pain (TrancEye pres Skull Crusher Remix)
18. Rafael Osmo – Avalanche
19. Martin Libsen – Dark Side of the Moon (Nueva Remix)
20. Neos – Spartan Attack
21. D’nial – Vector One
22. Rafael Osmo – Zinook
23. Tektrix – Virus
24. Serjan – Lost in Translation
25. Vita – Victorious (Tetrix Remix)
26. Neos – Destructor (Allan McLuhan Remix)
27. Synfonic – Innovations Vol.1 Continous DJ Mix Part 1
28. Synfonic – Innovations Vol.1 Continous DJ Mix Part 2

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Turn On The Dark Mixed By Oberon [Discover Dark]

Having returned from a three year stint, living in Argentina and playing alongside the world’s most established underground trance and psy trance artists at the legendary club known as Magic, Oberon wasted no time at all in getting back into the studio.

Fast forward to 2013 and following on from a string of successful releases on Discover Dark, Oberon decided to fuse the underground sounds of psy and tech trance, resulting in his first release on Discover Dark – The hugely successful EP ‘Danger Ahead and Dangerous Journey’.

Soon after, he took over the position of A&R at the label and proceeded to steer the trance scene into deeper, darker undiscovered territory, blending the production techniques of tech and psy trance, making each genre more easily accessible to those unfamiliar with the style of the other.

The result is a massive catalogue of releases that have impacted on the whole of the trance scene. From the biggest names at the biggest clubs and festivals, to the unheard of illegal parties- almost everyone has touched on the sound of psy-tek at some time and it still takes pride of place in the sets of many top DJ’s of today.

With release after release scoring high in the charts, Oberon has established himself as the undisputed heavyweight of psy-tek. Some may claim to be on the dark-side or part of the underground of trance scene but Oberon is the real deal, pushing the uncompromising sound of global underground trance in new directions. He continues to take risks – forging pathways where many fear to tread.

Lightweight pretenders need not apply. They are quickly dismissed when faced with the Champion. This compilation typifies the Oberon sound – with tight riffs over rolling basslines, sparse melodies giving way to more heads down and driving rhythms.

This is not for the faint hearted! This compilation contains 33 tracks from artists including Greg Downey, John Askew, Neos, Zach Zlov, Diego Morrill, Jamie Drummond and many more. It also has material from the man himself, an exclusive, never released remix of “Dangerous Journey”, two massive mixes and over three hours of continuous music!!

This is a journey like no other. Hold on tight and unleash your inner psy-tek beast! Because this is the Master. This is Oberon!

Release date: 11.12.2017.

Released by: Discover Dark

Purchase: Beatport



1. Changes – The Beginning
2. Michael Milov – It’s Coming This Way
3. Neos – Murderer Of Minds
4. R.E.L.O.A.D. – Now I’m Disturbed (Splattered Implant Remix)
5. Oberon – Numbers In The Sky
6. Neos and Olbaid – Ancient Gods
7. Active Limbic System vs. Peetu S – Chain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
8. Oberon – Dangerous Journey (Oberon’s Underground Remix) *EXCLUSIVE*
9. The Technicians – The Power Of The Dark Side (Re-Creation remix)
10. Oberon – Stabilised
11. Ellez Ria – Revelation
12. Diego Morrill – Caprakan
13. Yan Weinstock – 1986 (Neos remix)
14. Oberon – Dead Dreams
15. Oberon – The Rainbow Hunter
16. Changes – Evolution Of Language
17. Solar Activity – The Abductor Of Time
18. Like It Pro – G-281
19. Oberon – Spoonbender
20. Chris Voro – Anathema (Casey Rasch Remix)
21. Neos – Aztek Roots (Diego Morrill’s Manticore Mix)
22. Diego Morrill – Manticores Soul
23. Oberon – Different World
24. Oberon – Electric Chair
25. Oberon – Danger Ahead
26. Miles – Fragments (Tasso Remix)
27. Peter Plaznik – Psychotria Viridis
28. Greg Downey – King Dong (Oberon Remix)
29. Clay C – Paranoid
30. John Askew – Giving You Acid (Harmonic Rush On Salvia Remix)
31. Jamie Drummond – Magic Man (Oberon Remix)
32. Diego Morrill – Furias
33. Zach Zlov – Tractatus

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HeavensGate 594 With CARINA


01. Profound – India Spirit (Kristallklar Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Records]
02. Kalki – Maya [TechSafari Records]
03. Symbolic & Life Form – We Are Awakening
04. E-Clip vs Micky Noise -The One
05. Cathar & System E – Voices From Beyond [IONO Music]
06. Avalon & Dickster – Into The New World (Imaginarium Remix) [NANO Records]
07. Static Movement – Extraterrestrials [IONO Music]
08. Daniel Lesden – Existence [Digital Om Production]
09. Sean Teas – Swimming In Acid (Symbolic Remix) [VII Records]
10. CARINA – Artemis [Timelapse Records]



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