Psy-Nation Radio 004 With Perfect Stranger

The fourth edition of the Psy-Nation Radio podcast hosted by Liquid Soul & Ace Ventura (Liquid Ace) is here! Bringing to you the freshest music, news and interviews from Psytrance culture. This time with a 2 hour show including interview, album giveway and guest mix from Perfect Stranger!



1. Shadow Chronicles – Black Magic Woman
2. Ticon & Phanatic – Indigo
3. Symbolic & Lifeforms – We Are Awakening
4. Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce Remix)
5. Astrix – Dharma (Off Limits Remix)
6. Antinomy – Abnormal
7. Modus & Genetrick – Ambedo
8. Audiotec – Blade Runner
9. Magik – Rainforest (Laughing Buddha Remix)
10. Avalon, Imagine Mars & Volcano – Molecules
11. Perfect Stranger & Yotopia – Twist In Hell (Gaudium Remix)

Perfect Stranger Guest mix:

1. Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura – Perfect Ace (Perfect Stranger Remix)
2. Eat Static – Contact (Perfect Stranger Remix)
3. LOUD – Loose Senses (Perfect Stranger Pac Man Remix)
4. Perfect Stranger – Manifestation
5. Perfect Stranger & Pena – Ode Ao Sol (Perfect Stranger & Eitan Reiter Remix)
6. Perfect Stranger – W (Klipsun Remix)
7. Perfect stranger – 6 Feet Under (Captain Hook Remix)



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