Daniel Lesden – The Last Of Our Kind (Original Mix) [Iono Music]

Iono Music is proud to present a new Space-themed single by Daniel Lesden. With a slow build-up and atmospheric breakdown, this track tells a story of human terraforming the planets so we will never be the last of our kind.


Release date: 01.02.2018.

Released by: Iono Music

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FLEGMA – Remixes [TesseracTstudio]

Under the name ‘Remixes’, Flegma presents his freshly made edits of 2 massive tracks: ‘The Ritual’ and ‘The Moon’.


Release date: 16.10.2017.

Released by: TesseracTstudio

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1. Zyce – The Ritual (FLEGMA Remix)
2. Talpa – The Moon (FLEGMA Remix)


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Freedom Fighters – Edge [HOMmega]


In a world of animated patterns, fractals and 4 dimension artworks, committing to any kind of branding can be long, risky and sometimes a very frustrating process. Luckily, in most cases, we had the privilege of working with what we call “True artists”; those who come with full creative concept and vision – musically and visually.

For those of you who follow FF, we truly believe you’ll find something really unique in this album. EDGE‘s storyline as FF’s musical journey unfolds itself from black and white into deep and colorful palette of darkness. Summing up an inspiring creation process, seeking to stretch his musical knowledge to new metaphysical edges, collaborating with his well-known but yet surprising quest companions, such as – Ticon, Mr.Bill, Rocky, Sensient, Outsiders and Evil Oil Man.

Dive into Freedom Fighters world, compressed into 9 tracks ranging from 90 to 142 bpm.

A dark, mysterious and pure psychedelic brain candy.


Release date: 09.10.2017.

Released by: HOMmega Productions

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01. Freedom Fighters – Rogue (Original Mix)
02. Freedom Fighters, Sensient & Mr. Bill – Straya (Original Mix)
03. Freedom Fighters & Ticon – Thousand Light Years (Original Mix)
04. Freedom Fighters & Rocky – Stranger Things (Original Mix)
05. Freedom Fighters – Clockwork (Original Mix)
06. Freedom Fighters & Outsiders – Sticklights (Original Mix)
07. Freedom Fighters & Evil Oil Man – Assimilated (Original Mix)
08.  Freedom Fighters – Arafell (Original Mix)
09. Freedom Fighters & Earth Sine – Serendipity (Original Mix)


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Chilled Trance Vol. 2 – ReChilled by Chris Voro [Discover Records]

‘Back in 2010 we released an album that was to defy all expectations. Having received a collection of various chill out remixes from our catalogue, we released the album Chilled Trance. To this day it remains one of our biggest selling albums and the concept of Chilled Trance was born.

Fast forward to 2017 and the project is reborn but with a typical Discover Records style twist.

Step forward Chris Voro.
A prolific electronic music producer and DJ who floats seamlessly between genres that includes breaks, trance, psychedelic trance and ambient.
A true follower of the darkest side of electronic music, he infuses his productions and sets with a multitude of emotions, resulting in an underground vibe that captures the mind.
Supported by legendary names of the trance, breaks and chill out scenes, including Paul Oakenfold, John Askew, Aly & Fila, Activa, Simon Patterson, The Crystal Method, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, Grum, Beatman & Ludmilla, Far Too Loud, Pale Penguin, Sketi, Fisso & Spark, Ryan Farish and more, the list speaks for itself…
Already an artist and supporter of the Discover Records family, his vision was to create a selection of chilled remixes of classic tracks from within the labels back catalog.
More of an artist album than a traditional compilation, Chris Voro and his fellow collaborators has taken original mixes from artists including John Askew, Activa, Sean Tyas, Greg Downey, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Para X and Aly and Fila and applied a unique chilled vibe to create some simply superb genre redefining remixes.

These are not just classic chillout remixes, but more of an analog cinematic approach to the originals.
A hugely personal album for Chris Voro for many reasons – it definitely wears its heart on its sleeve whilst equally standing as an album of quality electronica of the highest possible order.’


Release date: 18 September 2017

Released by: Discover Records



01. Activa – Rise Above (Chris Voro ReChill)
02. Para X – World Of Illusion (Chris Voro ReChill)
03. Greg Downey – Vivid Intent (Chris Voro ReChill)
04. Sean Tyas – Lift (Chris Voro & Ode ReChill)
05. Inertia – The System (Chris Voro & John Dopping ReChill)
06. John Askew – How Can I Put This (Chris Voro & Chris Oblivion ReChill)
07. Aly & Fila vs Amadeus – A Dream Of Peace (Chris Voro & One Arc Degree ReChill)
08. Michael Lee – Everblue (Chris Voro ReChill)
09. Gary Maguire Feat. Lisa Abbott – By My Side (Chris Voro & Solar Caravan ReChill)
10. O’Callaghan & Kearney – Exactly (Chris Voro & Research & Development ReChill)



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E-Clip – Biointegrated Design [IONO MUSIC]

Following the expansion of Iono Music into a new psychedelic trance genres, E-Clip compile for us his new, long-awaited third album, Biointegrated Design. Musical masterpiece that goes through the entire world of psytrance in tempo from 128 to 145 bpm confirming his professional ability as a producer to adapt to the new standards but also to remain faithful to the distinctive impenetrable E-Clip sound.

Biointegrated Design is the idea of an energy sustainable urban habitat in the form of the city. Biological concept that should be confronted with the current social and political problems which we have today in the world, overpopulation, sustainable energy, symbiosis of life of animals and humans. Marko is very capable in conveying this idea into a musical perspective and his inspiration is also well transferred into the dancefloor tool which this album offers. Great collaboration with Zen Mechanics, Avalon, Micki Noise, Subliminal Code rounded this release as a synergy between giants of the scene led by E-Clip, leaving to us a great compilation of highly-quality Psytrance.


Release date: 24.04.2017

Released by: IONO Music

Purchase: Beatport  Psyshop



1. E – Clip vs Zen Mechanics – Sundowning
2. E – Clip vs Micky Noise – The One
3. E – Clip – Chemical Bond
4. E – Clip vs Subliminal Codes – Apex
5. E – Clip vs Avalon – Isotonic Tuning
6. E – Clip – Radio Entelechy
7. E – Clip – Semifluid Substance
8. E – Clip – Occult Lore
9. E – Clip – Welkin



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John 00 Fleming – Alter ego [JOOF Mantra]

John 00 Fleming is a man with whose electronic music career has been equal parts industrious and illustrious. Now spanning two decades or more, he’s been the driving mix-force behind music compilations, now too numerous to count and – for the larger part – a steadfast advocate of ‘the singles school’ of music release.

By contrast JOOF albums have been far more the rarity. It’s only comparatively recently that John has come to embrace them as a platform for his work, first with ‘Nine Lives’ in 2011 and with its ‘13 follow-up successor, ‘One Hundred Ten [W•K•O]’.

‘Alter Ego’ (released 09/05/2016), though is a one-album-only divergence, that’s wholly distinct from the first two. For its eleven tracks, it sees him tighten his stylistic aperture to focus an album’s worth of material on his embryonic sound.

Introduced to Psy-trance by Russell ‘Floorplay’ Coultart, the founder of the genre’s ground-forging Transient label, together the pair went on to form JOOF Recordings. Back in 1999, ‘We Have No Reference Of Time’ – their debut studio co-op, marked John’s first trip into the Psy fields. Collaborations with luminaries like Astrix, Astral Projection, Liquid Soul and Infected Mushroom followed, as have releases on Psy label royalty like HOMmega, Iboga, Iono and Nano – all of which have marked waypoints in his ‘parallel universe’ career.

Now, through the tellingly titled inference of ‘Alter Ego’, he distills all that accumulated expertise into a full album, which travels the thunderous byways, equatorial highways and infinitely hypnotic arteries of Psy.

Packed with fluid rhythms, chasm-deep drops, astral heights and kinetic energy, he delivers Psy with an advanced understanding few others can call upon.

‘Alter Ego’ also marks the first long-player to come through John’s new Psy-specific imprint, JOOF MANTRA. As is his nature, it’s a release that plays much like a mix comp – each track making sequential sense in context with the next and last.

Across its firmament, the album leaves no Psy area uncharted. Numbers like its opener, ‘Paranormal’, the noir-ishly hypnotic thrust of ‘Planet X’ and the humid trance-tropic of ‘Dawn Over The Amazon’ typify its deeper, netherworldian Id. Providing ‘Alter’s super-ego psyche meanwhile is the furnace-hot Fahrenheit of ‘Desert Rider’ and ‘Ascension’ (opposite Chile’s Ovnimoon).

Collectively, ‘Protected By Karma’, ‘Mythological Power’ and the album’s opening single, ‘The Imperial Echoes Of Devastation’ see it cast eyes out East, supplying it with more spiritualistic, shamanic overtones.

John still leaves plenty of track space for the more elevating, peak-of-the-night fare. His new 2016 remix of ‘Mustang’ splices harmonics into its gene, while his ‘First Take Off’ co-op with Guadium floor-burns with a magnesium-like intensity.

For the genre’s lovers, a new page has been turned; for John’s fans, likely more eyes still opened.


Release date: 09.05.2016

Released by: JOOF Mantra

Purchase: Beatport



  1. John 00 Fleming – Paranormal
  2. Liquid Soul – I See The Spirit (John 00 Fleming Remix)
  3. John 00 Fleming – Mustang 2016
  4. John 00 Fleming & Guadium – First Take Off
  5. John 00 Fleming – Planet X
  6. John 00 Fleming – The Imperial Echoes Of Devastation
  7. John 00 Fleming – Protected By Karma
  8. John 00 Fleming – Desert Rider
  9. John 00 Fleming – Mythological Power
  10. John 00 Fleming -Dawn Over The Amazon
  11. John 00 Fleming & Ovnimoon – Ascension


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GO On Air #HOTORNOT Most Wanted Vol. 4

This is already the fourth GO On Air #HOTORNOT Most Wanted EP! Label owner Giuseppe Ottaviani personally selects one new and unsigned track each week to play on his GO On Air show of that week. All tracks are sent to him by aspiring producers, ready for their moment in the GO On Air radio spotlight and ready for the listeners that get to vote for the track.

This EP contains the third collection of the most voted tracks that YOU, the listeners of Giuseppe’s radio show, MADE HOT. Thanks to your votes you can now enjoy these tracks by Phil Groot, Al Sebastian, ODESSEY, Myk Bee and Francesco Sambero. There’s much to like!

Release date: 25 April 2016
Released by: GO On Air Recordings
Purchase: Forthcoming!


01. Phil Groot – Silent Storm
02. Al Sebastian – Adios
03. ODESSEY – Spector
04. Myk Bee – Perfect Night
05. Francesco Sambero – Nove



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Jens Jakob – Another Dimension [Pharmacy Music]

Pharmacy favorite Jens Jakob unleashes an album of epic proportions. Another Dimension is an artist album in every sense of the word. Twenty-one phenomenal original tracks ranging from tech trance to breaks to psy trance and everything in between. Every track is unique and could have easily been a single on it’s own.

Jens Jakob is legendary for his uncanny knack for crafting melodic hooks using uncommon sounds. We asked Jens how he came up with the concept of this album and the wide range of styles that he effortlessly blended to create his masterpiece.

‘I grew up in the 90’s listening to various styles of electronic music. By the time I was a teenager I was already producing music. I have produced a lot of different genres since, but over time I fell in love with the whole idea of mixing tech trance and psy trance. I have also been influenced by a lot of old techno, trance, breaks, acid and psy tracks, from back in the early 90’s, so I wanted to make a mix of something new and old. The main reason I wanted to release this album is that I have never been so happy with where I am musically as I am today. I wanted to show my best ideas I have at this moment in time and pushed myself to the limit with this album.’

Jens has done just that beginning with a full throttle pumping psy trance track titled Paranoia followed by Sphere which continues the psy intro to the album. Track three brings us to the title track of the album, Another Dimension. This track is the pinnacle of Jens Jakob’s sound, intelligent trance with a breakdown that lifts your soul to the heavens. The album goes deeper on Supernova, a deep dark psy track followed by Underground Industry, wicked acid trance with a funky groove. The acid trance continues on Black Hole.

Jens takes us on a trip thru time with the first of three breaks tracks on the album, Satellite. The Ocean is bumping breakbeat trance and Outerspace is a stand out track with it’s quirky springy sounds riding high on a mesmerizing breakbeat groove.

Jens includes three of his biggest tracks form previous singles in case you missed them the first time around, Think About, Dark Energy and Humanism, a powerful acid techno track inspired by psy trance. It was also his first release for Pharmacy. The one that set the Jens Jakob machine in motion.

There are plenty of tech trance tracks for those that like pure energy. Mulle has a twisted psy tech vibe, Spectrum is funky tech trance, Illusion is hypnotic yet playful tech trance and Blew it Up is more of that funky trance but with a brilliant cinematic breakdown. Which leads us to Rogue Planet which showcases Jens Jakob’s talent of producing a tech-trance track that is refreshingly new and engaging with a breakdown that easily stands out in any set.

Innocence, a collaboration with LowProfile, the Portuguese Techno, Trance & Psy Trance duo formed by Ruben Pinho & Tiago Ferreira is pumping acid psy trance with one purpose – wreaking havoc on the dance floor.

Gateway is a banger with an intoxicating, spellbinding melody.

No album by Jens  Jakob would be complete without the Shadow mix of Titan, a collaboration by Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill which is Jens’s biggest track to date and has been destroying dance floors around the globe.

Jens closes out the album with The Bermuda Triangle, a peak time psy trance monster with a fierce growling acid line designed to cut thru the air like a razor.

This is an outstanding work of art in which Jens Jakob takes the listener on a proper trance journey over the course of twenty-one tracks. Another Dimension truly is an album from another dimension.


Release date: 11.04.2016

Released by: Pharmacy Music

Purchase: Beatport 



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Pharmacy Music: Website  Facebook  Twitter

Jens Jakob: Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud

Sheewton – Distant Thoughts [Ovnimoon Records]

Ovnimoon Records presents the new album from Sheewton called Distant Thoughts a very special progressive psytrance journey with eight Chillout and Downtempo influenced slow chugging epics woven with stories about nature’s beauty and places beyond the stars and deep within you.

Sheewton is a project Formed by Ivaner Soares from Brazil in 2005. Ivaner began his career as a DJ, always playing harmonious and memorable sets, ranging from Techno to Psytrance. With solid dedication, he began studies in music production, and is currently producing Progressive Psytrance and Progressive Chillout. Sheewton is a promising producer for this style of music and his songs are always well defined, with striking melodies and psychedelic atmospheres. His style draws on influences from Goa-Trance to create deep and always danceable songs to invoke transcendental experiences.

Release date: 29.03.2016

Released by: Ovnimoon Records

Purchase: Beatport  Psyshop  GOAstore



1. Sheewton – Trees on the Mountain
2. Sheewton – Amazonia Minha Vida
3. Sheewton – Walking Down the Hill
4. Sheewton – Alpha Centauri
5. Sheewton – Distant Thoughts
6. Sheewton – Flat Universe
7. Sheewton – Levitating While Sleeping
8. Sheewton – Leaving the Tribe



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Geomagnetic: Website  Facebook   Twitter  Soundcloud  You Tube

Ovnimoon Records: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud  Beatport

Various Artists – Goa 2016, Vol.2 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]

The 2nd GOA 2016 Edition is like every time a carefully selected journey into the world of Progressive Tunes and psychedelic Goa Trance from the leading artists of that genre.

Compiled by DJ BIM, GOA 2016 excites over 2 hours from „Hands In The Air“ Morning Trance featured by into deep progressive and psychedelic Goa Trance material out there. Features artists are Talamasca, Synthaya & Insignia, E-Clip, Invisible Reality, Aioaska, Ilai, Tristate, Reverse, Yestermorrow, ArtSense, Taliesin.

This CD is a perfect journey throughout our scene, including unreleased tracks from Producers like PehrBerg, Hasche, Kristallklar, Electit vs Delphine, The Key, Chemical Content.

All contributing to this fantastic double pack suitable for the lover of Progressive moods and Psychedelic excess.


Release date: 01.04.2016

Released by: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Purchase: Beatport



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