GTF Interview With Memory Loss

We had the opportunity to talk with one of Canada’s most exciting female artists Audrey Pai, better known under her moniker Memory Loss.
She has established herself within the global electronic dance music scene as one of the Trance scene’s biggest talents receiving great support from some of the most eminent artists such as M.I.K.E. Push, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Ram, Standerwick, ReOrder, Dimension just to name a few.
Audrey has had releases on some of the finest Trance imprints – Go On Air Recordings, Alter Ego Records, Tangled Audio, Komplex Sounds (Critical Fusion XPM), Silent Shore, Aria Digital including her latest standout track ‘Kizuna’, released on In Trance We Trust.

We talked about ‘Kizuna’, what inspired the track but as well about her career, inspirations, future projects and the fans so hopefully you’ll get the same impressions as we did – Memory Loss is definitely an artists to keep an eye on in future 🙂



Greetings, Audrey! It’s our pleasure to talk to you! How have you been doing?

Hi guys! I’m doing fantastic thank you! Hope you guys are all well. 🙂


Glad to hear that 🙂 Since this is the first time we’re talking, let’s start off with a little introduction for our readers; when did you get interested in Trance music and how did it all start for you as a producer?

I was introduced to electronic dance music a bit before 2004 before I even knew what any of the genres were, but after that I started to listen to podcasts like TATW, ASOT, and Euphonic Sessions, while still exploring other genres. I started producing in 2010, and in 2013 started producing trance under ‘Memory Loss’. 🙂


You have just released your new track ‘Kizuna’ on In Trance We Trust which received amazing support from eminent DJs and producers such as Andy Moor, Menno de Jong, Photographer, Heatbeat to name just a few. Of what importance is such a support for a young artist like yourself?

It’s absolutely amazing and means so much to me to know that it’s being supported from the very talented artists I’ve always looked up to!

Check out the preview of ‘Kizuna’


What inspired the ‘Kizuna’? How did you find the process of making it?

I was inspired while I was making the song. After I created the mood and added the angelic vocals, I could imagine the angelic vocals carrying me from a moody place into a more uplifting space, so I brought on an uplifting main melody. The process was quite a few months on and off and trying many different main melodies before finally settling.


The track has an interesting name. Could you share with us the meaning of it? How do you choose a particular name for a track in general?

The name ‘Kizuna’ in Japanese means the bonds between people that help comfort and strengthen during hard times. I love naming tracks – I imagine a story for each of my songs, and also have a secret list of song names that I use if I feel it has the right vibe. 😉

unnamed (4)


You have made a vocal track with fellow Canadian Amy Kirkpatrick entitled ‘Only Now’ which is released on Go On Air Recordings. What was it like working with Amy? Is making a vocal track more challenging for you as a producer?

I finished the instrumental first before approaching Amy with the track, and she loved it so gave it a shot and it was an instant match! It was easy working with her since she caught the vibes right away with her vocals to suit the song. Making a vocal track has its challenges but it’s been a good learning experience as you learn what works and what doesn’t.


What is important to you when you look for a vocalist?

Each voice has something distinct about them, the ‘sound’ of their voice, style and strength are all important, as well as lyric writing when looking for a vocalist.


Can you name the track that you are most proud of, the one that works for you anytime?

I’d have to say Kizuna, as it works great in a warm-up or mid-set, and even sped up!


Which do you prefer more: producing or DJ-ing? What is challenging you more?
I love both! Producing is fun and it takes a lot of work but having people enjoy the end result is the ultimate reward. DJ’ing is also unnamedfun and seeing people react to your songs and enjoying the journey with you is an amazing experience every time.
Producing is challenging to get the right sounds and melodies and be really creative, and I’m always learning something new.


How would you describe your sound and style? What is Memory Loss all about?

I like a wide variety of genres so you can expect influences anywhere from techno, dark and moody vibes, progressive, classical, energetic, and uplifting! 🙂


What is it about Trance music that inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration in general?

The moods and emotions of trance melodies are definitely inspiring. I like to listen to different genres, and travel to experience new sights and sceneries as inspiration in general.


These past years the Trance movement has seen many female artists paving their way in the industry delivering some interesting and quality music. How hard and challenging is to breakthrough as a young female DJ nowadays? How do you see the Trance scene in general?

That sounds awesome! I haven’t found it hard or challenging…I just focus on my craft and keep working hard to improve each day, and try to do things to the best of my capabilities and hopefully let the music do the speaking for itself in a good way. The trance scene in general is great, I really enjoy being a part of it and meeting both fans and industry people! 🙂

unnamed (1)


Who are the main influences in your career?

So many to list and it’s been changing throughout the years, but off the top of my head Ferry Corsten and Hans Zimmer.


Could you name any producer at the moment that you would gladly work with in and why?

BT, he is incredible, sound design and all… this guy is a genius!


Can you tell us more about your monthly radio show Bridging The Gap? What is the concept of it and what can the fans expect from it?

The concept of Bridging The Gap is to showcase the different sounds of trance, along with styles that compliment it like deep, techno and progressive – bridging the gap between styles with the main focus on trance. There is also a special guest DJ featured every few months!


Check out Bridging The Gap


Besides being involved in music, what else do you do, outside the music production?

You can find me doing graphic design, biking, watching movies or catnapping, zzz.

Keep practicing and working hard because it takes a lot of effort and time to build up the knowledge and experience.

What can the fans expect from Memory Loss next?

I’ve just signed a new original track with a vocalist to a wicked label and it should be coming out late this year! 🙂


What advice can you give to up and coming DJ’s/ producers especially to the female artists and what’s the best bit of advice you have ever received from someone in the industry?

Keep practicing and working hard because it takes a lot of effort and time to build up the knowledge and experience. Also, sometimes you have to just learn to let something go if you can’t get it right, and just try something new! 🙂


You’re one of the few artists that are interactive with the fans on social networks. Of what importance is to stay connected with people supporting you online?

I love interacting with people who reach out to me, it is so nice for them to take the time to talk to me, and I’m happy to return the favor especially to show appreciation for their support! 🙂


One more thing we were eager to find out and it has to do with your alias – Memory Loss. What lies behind that moniker that made you decide to present yourself like that?

I have a terrible memory as anyone who knows me well will say… wait what was the question again?

unnamed (2)

Any message you want to share with your fans?

You guys are the absolute best, and I appreciate each and every one’s support! Much love ❤ and I hope to meet you all soon! 😉


Thanks a lot for your time Audrey, will be looking forward to new productions from you in the future. Keep us posted on new material! 🙂

My pleasure, and thank you so much for having me! 🙂 Stay tuned to my medias to find out which label my next track signing is on! 😉


Purchase ‘Kizuna’ Beatport 

Follow Memory Loss: Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud






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